How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Mementos by ITC Hotels, Udaipur Cost?

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Mementos by ITC Hotels, Udaipur Cost? All About Mementos by ITC Hotels, Udaipur Wedding

The current wedding trendsetter of India, the heartthrob of imperial weddings, the biggest cluster of some impeccably astonishing hotel properties, a concourse of all the influential hospitality groups from India: Udaipur, every single time fails us to think of a place that provides a better infrastructure and vibe and aura and what not when it comes to celebrating weddings.

And among these significant names lies our treasured jewel, Mementos by ITC Ekaaya. With the ITC Group making its first footsteps in Udaipur through this 5-star marvel, the luxury property truly justifies its name and is purely a thing to remember! Spread over 106 acres and that too on a hilltop, with an enormous open garden, an artificially developed magical forest to host wedding ceremonies, well-lit banquet halls and smaller strong rooms and all this with the blessings of Eklingji, this is surely going to be a showstopper come time.

 Weddings and allied costs, two sides of the same coin, right? Or we could say one leads to another. The bigger the wedding, the larger the costs. To sort this out step by step for you, we have effectively summarised all the wedding related costs at Hotel Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur. We assure you that these costs are well researched and reviewed by our team and presented to you as a ready reference.

Also, we highly assure that you will find this blog the most enriching of all others and a determining factor to your wedding cost Catch-22s as far as Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is concerned.

Total Cost of Wedding at Hotel Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur

A twin-day wedding accommodating 250 guests at Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya costs around INR 2 crore -2.5 crore (+GST) inclusive of food and stay. The cost is exclusive of soft drinks, alcohol, décor, and any event related activities but includes food like Hi-Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and almost multiple venues inside the premises for hosting the events.

 Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur

Accommodation at Hotel Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur

A modern heritage stay with breath taking uninterrupted landscapes decorated with intimate plush accommodation in clusters is what the accommodation at Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya routes for. Structured with a total of 122 rooms, Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya can serve a maximum of 250-300 guests. Their rooms are grouped in cluster with each cluster having its own heated private pool and decks for barbeque sessions. These room are further bifurcated into below mentioned categories:

Valley View Villa:

These are basic deluxe rooms which can take up to 3 guests and are 60 in quantity chargeable at Rs 38,000 + GST.

Lake View Villa:

These are the basic category villas with lake view accommodating around max 3 people and are 31 in nos. chargeable at Rs 39,000 + GST.

Premium Villa:

They are the luxury villas which are 15 in no. and are chargeable at Rs 48,000 + GST.

Aravalli Suite:  

They are premium suites, 5 in no. and are chargeable at Rs 63,000 +GST.

Mementoes Suite:

They are mementoes special suite and are 4 in no., chargeable at Rs 98,000 + GST.

Presidential Suite Villa:

It is unique suite villa, 1 in no, chargeable at Rs 1,73,000 +GST.

Grand Presidential Suite Villa:

The best of the lot, 1 in no., chargeable at Rs 2,73,000 + GST.

Celebration Villas:

These 5 villas are specially curated for your party needs and are charged at Rs 25,000 +GST.

 Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur


  1. Additionally, any prevailing taxes or change in laws will apply to the event.
  2. . The above room rates are inclusive of welcome amenities, Wi-Fi, Buffet Breakfast and drinking water.
  3. Any 3rd occupant in the room will be chargeable over and above these rates. The charges will include buffet breakfast too.

Food Cost at Hotel Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur

Everyone who know ITC Group, are well aware of the fact that Food is ITC’s USP. Carrying the legacy forward, Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is enriched with 3 speciality restaurants with one pure vegetarian restaurant, Royal Vega; one speciality kebab & curries restaurant, and a 24*7 restaurant Udai Pavilion complimented by a tea lounge and a bar, food at Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is a food paradise. They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for meal menus depending upon your needs. The cost of meals is as below:

  • Buffet Lunch – Rs 8,500 + GST 18%
  • Hi – Tea – Rs 2,500 + GST 18%
  • Buffet Dinner – Rs 10,000 + GST 18%
  • Soft Beverages – Rs 2,000 + GST 18%
  • Cocktail Snacks – Rs 2,500 + GST 18%
  • Liquor and additional counters are to be charged on actual basis.


  1. They have a pre-set number of dishes in every segment and any further requests are entertained on extra charges if informed in-advance at the time of finalising the menu.
  2. Food & Beverages and liquor from outside source is not allowed.

Other Major Costs – An Overview

1. Wedding Décor –

What stays with you after the wedding are honestly gifts, food taste and the experience that the property served you. This experience of property largely depends on how well the property caters to your function scenes and vibes. These vibes again depend on how well decorated the venue is and therefore conclusively, we say it is all about the décor. And with Behind The Scene by your side, wedding decor at this picturesque location gets as flawless as it can be. The wedding decor cost here can range anywhere from minimalist decor to heavy ones ranging from ₹ 15 lakhs for a 2-day wedding to higher demands as expected.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

A hub of extremely talented and professional makeup artists who are ready to travel to your location for your makeup chores, Udaipur has many celebrity make-up artists and budget artists whose packages starts from around ₹ 5000 per makeup and packages can cater to family bookings as well. The highest makeup artists from Udaipur charge is around ₹ 30,000 per bridal makeup. You can also book your makeup artists from outside the city since Udaipur has easy connectivity with all major cities. Henna Artists in Udaipur offers Bridal packages starting from ₹ 1100 for bridal and ranging up to ₹11000 for the same.

3. Photographer:

The whole of Udaipur has a thing for beauty and the locations in here itself are so picturesque that your photographs can never go wrong here. Catering to every budget range, the photography packages in Udaipur starts from ₹ 50,000 and go upto ₹ 3,50,000.

4. DJ, Sound & Entertainment:

The entertainment factor or EQ of a wedding is the key highlight of the wedding and the costs related to it exclusively depends to what range and zeniths you want to take your function to. You can opt for local budget artists or highly acclaimed folk artists, High profile bands or a standalone singer; there are various options available to fit every budget. However, at Mementos by ITC, the music in open areas is allowed only till 10. p.m. and we need special permissions to play it further.

5. Logistics and Others:

Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is almost equidistant from both the city of Udaipur and Nathdwara and is easily approachable by road from both the places. Behind The Scenes provides taxis and shuttles for carrying guests, wedding props and luggages to and fro during the wedding at competitive rates.

Things to keep in mind while booking Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya:

  • ITC Ekaaya is recently opened to public and is therefore new enough to attract everyone. This makes it quite heavily booked and therefore inquiries herein should be well before time to make sure you do not miss the opportunity.
  • If you have an extended guestlist of more than 250-300 guests, keep a track of surrounding hotels that can accommodate your guests well.
  • Focus on obtaining legal licenses for events, if any.
  • The guests here need to book a complete buyout of minimum 2 night with 3 F&B functions.
  • There are additional charges for certain items in the food menu. Take a note of it before hand to avoid any further chaos.

Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya – The Glory and The Story

A property with a natural lake flowing through its premises, cluster of villas overlooking every beautiful side of the property, lush greenery atop a hill that makes you feel on cloud nine quite literally, Aravalli Mountains standing strong throughout, a mini-island venue, gastronomy that has achieved all records of glory and have shaken taste buds across India, exclusive heated private pools by your side, special party villas with exclusive barbeque decks that keeps you up for a rock-solid party, distinct hydro-therapy spas to ease you down after a thrilling event; you think of it and you will find it here.

Our wedding venue is something we are extremely sensitive about, a place that ideally or I would ay officially mark our beginning as a couple together and therefore every moment here is a moment of extreme joy. Witch ITC EKaaya, your joy doubles up and your worries halves down. Besides all the above-mentioned highlights, this is claimed possible due to the serene location it has delved into proving your functions the much needed calm and secondly since it is based in the auspicious land of Eklingji, a local incarnation of Lord Shiva, the epitome of Udaipur’s rich history, celebrated culture and traditions.

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya, Udaipur

1. What is Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya room price for wedding?

A wedding for 2 days catering to 250 guests in Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya costs around 250,00,000 inclusive of food, accommodation and venue but does not include décor, alcohol and other event related activities. You have to separately book a wedding planner to cater to all these extra arrangements.

2. What is Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya lunch and dinner price for weddings?

While the lunch is charged at from INR 8,500 + GST for a five-course meal inclusive of dessert and depending upon the items and quantity you choose, the dinner is available at a cost of INR 10,000 + GST. The charges for Hi-Tea are INR 2,500 + GST and breakfast is tagged along with room cost.

3. How Much Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya wedding cost for 3 days?

The cost of a 3-day wedding at Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya for 250 people costs around INR 3,00,00,000 inclusive of food, accommodation and venue but exclusive of décor, alcohol and others.

4. How many rooms does Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya have?

Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is divided into 122 rooms which are further bifurcated as Deluxe Villa, Luxury Villa, Mementos Suite, Presidential Suite, Lake View Villa, Grand Presidential Suite.

5. Should I have to book all rooms if I am planning my wedding at Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya?

It is recommended to book all the rooms.
Is the price of Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya varying according to season?
Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya is generally fully booked during the peak season but you may get discounted prices during the off season.
Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya Price in November to March?
The price of Mementos by ITC, Ekaaya in November to March varies from around INR 15,000 – INR 20,000 + GST.

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