Cost of Destination Wedding at The Aurika Resort Udaipur

How much does a destination wedding in the Aurika Resort, Udaipur cost? All about the Aurika Resort, Udaipur wedding

The city of Udaipur upholds magnificent and visually appealing destination wedding properties. The Aurika Resort stands alone with its imperial architecture and regal visuals and is one of the best luxury resorts there is. Situated at the top of the hills, the resort provides one of the most picturesque locations for your fairytale wedding. This resort is a great blend of deep roots in the culture of Udaipur along with modern infrastructure and amenities. Well-connected through rail, roads, and air, this opulent property is situated near the beautiful Maharana Pratap Airport. The Aurika resort, by the Lemontree group, is a popular spot for alluring weddings in recent times. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to plan your fairy tale wedding at Aurika Resort. Everything from the total expenses of the wedding to the different venues available to you and any additional expenses would all be listed. With this information in hand, we are sure that you will be ready to plan your memorable and mesmerizing wedding at the Aurika. 

Aurika Resort, Udaipur

Cost of the wedding at The Aurika Resort

Aurika Resort provides you with the most mesmerizing wedding location ever. The resort and its entire area are well-aerated and can beautifully host different activities and rituals for your wedding. A two-day wedding cost at the Aurika resort Udaipur can cost you anywhere between 50 lakhs to 80 lakhs. This is inclusive of accommodation, meals, and the venue. Aurika has 139 rooms with different variants depending on what you and the guest wish for. The overall guest capacity is around 320. Every venue that Aurika Resort proudly hosts has a unique blend of culture and modernity embedded deep within. For every one of your wedding festivities, there is a perfect venue at Aurika.

An extensive breakdown of the Aurika Resort expenses

Elaborate planning and execution are the most important things in a wedding. Every little detail needs to be planned ahead and in this section of the blog, we bring to you a very detailed breakdown of all the different expenses that you need to pay when planning a wedding at the Aurika Resort.

1. Accommodation

Getting your guests and yourself accommodated in the resort in the best possible way is a significant component of any wedding. The experience of the guests and the warm welcome and embrace of the rooms is something that will forever be etched in their hearts. The Aurika resort has 139 rooms which are of different variants and amenities. The different categories of rooms include – Deluxe Vista, Premium, Premium Vista, Aurika Suite, and Presidential Suite.

  • Deluxe Vista Room – INR 20,000+18% Taxes
  • Premium Room – INR 20,000+18% Taxes
  • Premium Vista Room – INR 20,000+18% Taxes
  • Presidential Suite – INR 1,75,000 + 18% Taxes
  •  Aurika Suite – INR 3,50,000 + 18% Taxes

2. Food expenses

A flavorful plate filled with amazing delicacies is a prerequisite in any Indian wedding. Food at weddings needs to capture the hearts of the guests and give them a mesmerizing feeling. The Aurika resort thus provides various cuisines and amazing dining options for you to choose from. Aurika Resort has two in-house restaurants Ariva and Mirasa for you to choose your catering from. The cost of the meal per guest is approximately INR 1200 to INR 1800 + 18% Taxes. It also should be duly noted that the resort doesn’t provide you with the option of any outside catering.

3. Venue

The stunning views of the wedding that are sure to notch up your wedding and photographs scream the importance of venues in the wedding. For every ritual and festivity, you have in mind, there is a stellar venue in the Aurika resort. These breathtaking and amazing venues are sure to knock out all your guests.

Venue and their capacity

VenueGuest CapacityBest for which Function
Chand Bagh20 – 30Ritual
Surya Bagh50 – 60Wedding/Welcome Dinner/ Haldi
Pool Deck40 – 50Wedding/ Pool Party
Aarum Banquet and Terrace60 – 80After Party
Ekaara Banquet140 – 160Sangeet/ Reception
Ekaara Terrace140 – 160Wedding/ reception/sangeet
Mirasa Terrace120 – 150Haldi/ Mehendi
Amrit Bagh30 – 40Haldi/ Mehendi/ Ritual
Main Porch Area140 – 160Wedding/ Reception

These are our suggestions as to how you can use the beautiful venues of the Aurika Resort. You can always choose the venue and the festivity according to your preference.

Aurika Resort, Udaipur

Additional services that help add color to the wedding

1. Decor

The Décor of a wedding has immense significance. It is the very first thing that catches one’s eye in the wedding. For your special day, nothing short of amazing and mind-blowing décor would do. You get to choose the theme and décor you need and create the perfect mood board for your wedding. The approximate cost for the décor would be starting from INR 3000000 for four functions.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

Makeup and mehendi have evolved to be an important part of any wedding. The bride, groom, family, friends, and guests all want to look their absolute best for weddings. We want you to look your personal best on your wedding day. So, we offer you customized packages for makeup and mehendi depending on the artists you choose. You can also choose separate artists for the bride and groom and the rest of the family. The cost of makeup starts from INR 1,50,000 and INR 5000 for mehendi depending on who you choose.

3. Photography

A wedding is a magical experience, one that you would want to keep in your memories forever. With a good photographer by your side, you will be able to capture all the amazing pictures of your special day and save them for the years to come. Our photographer will help you create a breathtaking rendition of your fairy tale wedding. This service is also customizable. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 700000 for a team of 7 to 8 people.

4. Folk artists

We have seen an increase in the bride and groom’s requests for folk art performances at their wedding. This has become a very beautiful trend in Udaipur weddings. This could range from singing, dancing, or other cultural performances. Depending on the artist and group you choose, your package will change. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 25000 for a team of 5 people.

5. Sound and DJ setup

The loud music, and dancing on the floor with all your might, this is the sight of any Indian wedding. Should be too. We understand how important DJ and sound if for your wedding. You can hire the DJ and talk about the type of songs you want, the mood, and the theme you are going for beforehand. The rough cost of approximation for a professional sound setup starts from INR 500000 + Taxes and for the DJ it’s per show INR 40000.

Aurika Resort, Udaipur

Udaipur and destination weddings go hand in hand right now. The alluring and breathtaking views that Udaipur and the hills have to offer are the major reasons behind it. You can plan your fairy tale wedding in the resorts of Udaipur. Aurika Resort stands tall in the list here as it is a unique blend of culture and modern amenities.

If a mesmerizing and breathtaking wedding is what you have in mind, contact us today. Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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