Cost of Destination Wedding at Ramada

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In The Ramada Udaipur Cost?

Hey lovers, are you hunting for the details of the Ramada Udaipur destination wedding venue for your perfect wedding where you can tie the knot? look no further than the grand Ramada Udaipur! This place symbolizes the luxurious past and is tucked away from the city in a beautiful setting. And your wedding here will become even more romantic and will make your heart flutter. All of the nitty-gritty details will be taken care of so you can completely focus on each other. Make your fairytale wedding a reality at Ramada Udaipur.

Now you must be wondering how much the destination wedding at Ramada Udaipur will cost. It will cost you between 60 Lakhs to 1 crore. Are you ready to tie the knot against the breathtaking backdrop and under magnificent architecture? It is time to create a timeless love story at Ramada Udaipur.

And just to save you time In finding all the cost details in depth we have segregated everything in this blog just for you.

Cost Of The Wedding At Ramada Udaipur

The wedding at Ramada Udaipur is nothing but a dream come true. And the packages range from 60 lakh to 1.2 cr. However, you can customize as per your needs and requirements. The Ramada offers different packages for all tastes and budgets. So that everyone can create their fairytale wedding according to their budget. Therefore couples who want to get married in a luxurious and romantic setting must pick Ramada Udaipur.. Let’s take a look at the cost breakouts.

1.  Accommodation

The Ramada Udaipur has a fancy and luxurious 72 rooms that can accommodate 200-250 guests. Each one is decked out with fancy decorations and furniture. As you will step in, you will experience a world-class experience. Every possible comfort will be provided to the guests so that they can enjoy pure luxury during all the events.
Check out the types of rooms and their prices.

  • Deluxe Room : Rs. 12000/Day +GST
  • Deluxe-rooms: Rs. 14000/Day +GST
  • Super-Deluxe-rooms: Rs. 16000/Day +GST
  • Premium-room: Rs. 18000/Day +GST
  • Suite: Rs. 20000/Day +GST

2. Food Expenses

You and your guests will get the top-notch dining experience at Ramada Udaipur. The delicious treats not only look good but also taste fantastic. The tables will be prepared with chic linen and crystal glasses that will create a stylish and elegant atmosphere. All the dishes are prepared by carefully with the finest ingredients. Thus creating every bite of a work of art. The menu holds many dishes, containing Indian as well as international cuisines.  So take your guests on a flavorful journey. And this dining experience at Ramada Udaipur is something your guest will remember forever. 

  • Breakfast – 1500  + Taxes
  • Lunch – 3250/  + Taxes
  • Hi-tea – 2000/ + Taxes
  • Dinner – 4250/ +Taxes

3. Venues

Love flourishes like flowers at Ramada’s stunning wedding venues. From rich gold decor to delicate floral arrangements set the stage for a truly elegant atmosphere. The crystal chandeliers with soft glow spread the magic. Every minute detail is precisely planned to perfection, making sure every feature is flawless. So, couples are you ready to say “I do”?  and start your new journey at Ramada? Whether you are planning to get married in the open gardens, or close banquet halls all traditional ceremonies will be lavish. And every moment feels like a true fairy tale

The Meridian banquet250 guest
The Panghat banquet500 guests
Sajjan Terrace1000 guests
Monsoon Deck800 guests
Ambar300 guests
Rock Garden500 guests
Wind Garden50 guests

4. Decoration

The Wedding decoration at Ramada Udaipur makes your wedding even more perfect and it creates unforgettable memories. The wedding decoration cost starts around Rs. 3000000/- of four functions. This might look costly but every little detail, from the fancy drapes to the sparkling lights, will spread magic. And the glittery ambiance will give a feeling to your guests that they’ve stepped into a world of glamour. And the Ramada put in all their efforts to make sure everything looks as per your needs and demands. And their top-notch decorations make sure all your events are spectacular. 

5. Makeup and Mehnd

The essence of makeup and Mehndi cannot be ignored in Indian Weddings. The mehendi ceremony adorns, the tradition and cultural pride. Each stroke tells a story of love. And at the same time makeup enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride’s natural radiance. Together, they create charming memories. The expert makeup artist charges start from 150000/- this includes makeup & saree draping. They’ll not only enhance your beauty but will give you a royal touch. And skilled mehendi artists charges start from 5000/- per. So get yourself pampered in luxury as you are going to shine at all your royal wedding events.

6. Photography

We all look for top-notch wedding photography services to capture our most precious moments. But you do not have to worry as At Ramada Udaipur the team of 7 to 8 super talented photographers will capture every tiny moment of your big day. Therefore every single moment from Dhamkedar groom’s entry to romantic scenes everything will be recorded. The photography Starts at Rs. 700000/.  
The professional team of photographers will bring perfection to every snap they take. Count on the team of photographers as they will capture the heart of your love story. 

7. Flok Artists

Are you ready for an amazing traditional show at your wedding? The talented Flok Artists will bring 5 stars to your special day for just Rs. 25000. You can have these experts perform along with their five skilled team members. They are so good at what they do, creating detailed and jaw-dropping art that will leave everyone amazed. So, get ready to enjoy this traditional and royal celebration. It’s truly a sight to see!

8. Sound and DJ

Do not miss out on captivating melodies that will spread love in the air. Setting the stage is important for Indian wedding celebration. The DJ set the vibe for all the ceremonies with their songs list. They know what exactly they have to play to keep the party going, From mixing old classics with new hip hops. All this will cost you Rs.500000/-, ensuring that every note echoes through the hearts and souls of all guests.

The esteemed DJ takes Rs. 40000 per show. With each beat drop and every pulsating rhythm, it fills the room with an unforgettable symphony of sound. 

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