Cost of Destination Wedding at Bamboo Saa Resort Udaipur

How much does a destination wedding in the Bamboo Saa Resort, Udaipur cost?

At the foothills of the Sajjangarh monsoon palace, is the environment-friendly scenic Bamboo Saa Resort. The Bamboo Saa Resort is the perfect choice for your destination wedding as it is known for its natural elegance and ambiance. The bamboo trees in the resort along with the open hardwood cabins remind one of the beautiful islands of Bali. If a sustainable destination wedding is on your mind, Bamboo Saa Resort is your ideal location. With beautiful backgrounds for your wedding pictures and helping make the earth a better place, the wedding will be etched in your minds forever. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to plan your dream wedding at Bamboo Saa Resort. Everything from the total cost breakdown to different venues in the property and any additional expenses would all be listed out. We will help you plan an amazing wedding at the Bamboo Saa Resort.

Cost of Destination Wedding at Bamboo Saa Resort Udaipur

Cost of the wedding at The Bamboo Saa Resort

Bamboo Saa Resort is a beautiful, visually pleasing location with amazing amenities. A wedding at the Bamboo Saa Resort can cost around 50 lakhs + taxes. This is inclusive of rooms, meals, and venue. The resort has 91 rooms with different categories of rooms for you to choose from and the guest capacity is of 230. Along with this, the resort has 5 spacious venues that you can use for different functions for the wedding.

Extensive breakdown of the Bamboo Saa Resort expenses

Planning a wedding down to its every detail is what makes it magical and beautiful. In this section of the blog, we bring to you a detailed breakdown of all the possible expenses that you will have to pay when planning a wedding in the Bamboo Saa resort.

1. Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most important parts of any wedding. You need to ensure that your guests and comfortable and enjoying their stay. The resort has 91 rooms and they are divided into various categories, each with different amenities and comfort. The 6 different categories include – Regal Classic, Regal Deluxe, Swiss Chalet, Patang Cottage, Sajjan Villa, and Pool Villa. You can choose any of them according to your needs and budget. The rough cost of approximation is Rs 10,00,000 + 18% taxes.  

  • Regal Classic: INR 10000 + Taxes
  • Regal Deluxe: INR 11000 + Taxes
  • Swiss Chalet: INR 13000 + Taxes
  • Patang Cottage: INR 15000 + Taxes
  • Sajjan Villa: INR 15000 + Taxes
  • Pool Villa: INR 17000 + Taxes

2. Food expenses

An Indian wedding is incomplete without a delicious array of food. Lip-smacking foods and drinks are a pre-requisite at weddings. Bamboo Saa Resorts provides in-house catering options from their restaurant Alfresco. Many different types of cuisines are available to you to choose from. There is breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, and dinner that is provided.

  • Breakfast – INR 1200
  • Lunch – INR 1700
  • Hi-Tea – INR 800
  • Dinner – INR 2500

3. Venue

The venue of the wedding sets or breaks a wedding. With different festivities in the corner, it’s important to choose apt venues for the same. Bamboo Saa Resort proudly boasts 5 different venues that you can choose according to your needs as a venue for different functions. Each venue has its charm and is amazingly visual. You can utilize these venues to add different colors and scenery to your wedding photographs. Let us help you understand the different venues that Bamboo Saa Resort provides.

Venue and their capacity

Name of the venueGuest Capacity
Shyam Leela Banquet Hall450-500 Guests
Utsav Hall with Pool Deck120-150 Guests
Vrindavan Lawn1000 Floating Capacity
Sunset Deck130-150 Guests
Cinnamon Garden Alfresco130-150 Guests

You can always choose the venue and the festivity according to your preference.

Additional services that help add color to the wedding

1. Decor

The wedding décor is a very personal touch of the wedding. Brides and grooms nowadays have an intricate detailed idea of what and how they want the décor to look like Setting up a décor that fits the theme of the bride and groom but also follows current trends and colors is a game-changer. The packages for this service depend on the theme you choose and how extravagant the setting needs to be. The approximate cost for the décor would be INR 3000000 for four wedding functions.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

The maroon red mehendi on the hands of the bride is a vision to look at. Makeup and mehendi are some things that are necessary and non-negotiable You would want to look your absolute best for your wedding, so hire the best artists for the same. We provide you with different artists that you can choose from according to your budget and needs. This can also include makeup for the family members. You also get to choose different artists for the makeup and mehendi of the bride and the guests. In this way, you can get better pricing. The cost of makeup starts from INR 150000 and INR 5000 for mehendi depending on the artist.

3. Photography

Beautiful, magical snippets of the wonderful day of the wedding are on everybody’s wish list. Pictures that hold your heart and will be etched in your hearts for the times to come. So, hiring great photographers becomes a major decision. It is also something you do not want to compromise on. Our photographer will be the perfect addition to your wedding day. This service is also customizable as it depends on your theme and need. The rough cost approximation starts from INR 700000 for a team of 7 to 8 people.

4. Folk artists

With folk performances being increasingly becoming a trend in weddings, we also help you find the perfect artists. Music and performances sure add a touch of culture, color, and fun to your wedding festivities. You can choose from a wide variety of options and artists. The rough cost approximation starts from INR 25000 for a team of 5 artists.

5. Sound and DJ setup

What is a wedding without a DJ and music? Weddings reach a new height when you have your friends, family, and guests shaking a leg or two on the dance floor. With the DJ, you can choose the playlist you want, and the musical theme you are going for, and then finally enjoy the day. A rough cost approximation for a professional sound setup starts from INR 500000. The DJ cost approximation per show is INR 40000. 

Cost of Destination Wedding at Bamboo Saa Resort Udaipur
Cost of Destination Wedding at Bamboo Saa Resort Udaipur

Why Choose the Bamboo Saa Resort for Your Wedding?

Bamboo Saa Resort is a one-of-a-kind wedding destination in Udaipur. How many resorts you have been to that can say that they uphold sustainable practices? Very few right? Bamboo Saa is one of them. Your wedding will be ecologically good for our planet with their practices. The beautiful scenery, amazing management, staff, and exquisite amenities set them apart. The best wedding destinations in Udaipur list will be incomplete without Bamboo Saa in it.

The resort is also very easy to commute to and is near to the city making it a perfect option for destination weddings. The calm and peace of the place are magical, to say the least. Varied dining options and rooms to choose from get guests to calm their nerves and enjoy. The different venues also help add different colors to the wedding celebrations and photos. If a mesmerizing and breathtaking wedding is what you have in mind, contact us today. Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At The Bamboo saa, Udaipur.

1. Does Bamboo Saa Resorts have multiple venues?

Yes, Bamboo Saa resorts have five different types of venues that you get to choose from.

2. Does Bamboo Saa Resorts allow outdoor catering services?

Yes, the resort does allow outdoor catering services.

3. How much does a wedding at The Bamboo Saa Udaipur cost?

A wedding at the Bamboo Saa Resort can cost around 50 lakhs + taxes.

4. How many rooms in all are there at The Bamboo Saa Udaipur?

The resort has 91 rooms with different categories of rooms for you to choose from and the guest capacity is of 230.

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