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Opting for a beach wedding is the key to make all of this true. Imagine having a wedding mandap at the brink of the beach and witnessing all the virtues of the ocean would be your marital ties, it cannot get any pure. Or think of having a glamourous sangeet night there, with the performances sweeping you off your feet and the wind sweeping off your worries, excited right? And and what about staying back for a day or two after the marriage to just relax and soothe yourself up. Bet it cannot get any better.

Although beach weddings still remain a bit unexplored option in India which is now gaining popularity among youngsters due to the exotic landscapes it provides, Behind The Scene has already identified this opportunity and have spread their wings in the land of beaches with their successful portfolio of beach weddings. Behind The Scene cater to all the services related to a beach wedding from beach side décor to most amazing beach side hotels, best of the local agencies to a touch of the local artisans in the ceremonies and of course great hospitality.

Beach weddings offer the most idyllic backdrop for a celebration like wedding since it renders the perfect romantic vibes with nature playing the orchestra through blowing winds and rumbling waves. Although, there are already enough reasons to fall for a beach wedding, what is the most exciting is that it is a celebration cum vacation in itself. Why? Because, there is absolutely no age group who doesn’t enjoy beaches and your guests along with you would be more than happy to be there and you would surely want to make everyone feel at home since you know in India, it is “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

Goa and Kerala are the two main beach wedding destinations in India with an abundance of properties ranging from average to 5-star category. There are various other options in the vicinities like gokarna, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry etc. which are yet to be fully explored but can emerge as ideal wedding destinations in affordable prices. To know more about locations, visit our wedding destination section.



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