Photography And Videography

Process Of Photography And Videography Finalization

In this world of vibrant dream catchers, a memory catcher is what we and our wedding functions require. Making memories is in our hand, but since we cannot freeze the time and keep it with us physically forever, the photographs act as our nostalgia allies. And when it is about something as precious as our happy memories, we cannot risk handling them to anybody without proper knowledge and expertise. This is where team Behind The Scene acts as the torchbearer and provides you with a list of most trusted photographers and videographers in your vicinity to select from. You can sit back in the leisure of your home and peacefully have a look and shortlist all the photographer profiles that stirs you the best. But wait, what would you look for in the profiles to know you are choosing the best? Let us make it easier for you by giving you a quick brief on what to look for.

Types Of Photography

Cinematography & Videography

While videography doesn’t need any introduction, it is the cinematography that catches our attention here. So, what is cinematography and how cinematography is different from videography is our first thought. While videography is a traditional way of taking videos, cinematography is a blend of different camera angle, movements, special effects and play of lights, all of them combined together to give you short beautiful teasers from your wedding mains.

Drone Photography

Since wedding is an event that takes us to cloud nine, it is important for our photographer to come there to get us clicked. Practically, it means taking aerial views through drone of the entire venue, décor, functions and what not. This new advancement is winning hearts all over and is a must try.

Candid Photography And Pre-Wedding Shoots

These days, photographer teams have a dedicated member specialised in taking candid pictures and believe us they are some real incredible shots, something worth spending because the real fun lies in between the takes, you know. Also, the package includes pre-wedding shoot at mutually decided locations.

Things To Look For While Hiring A Wedding Photographer

There is such an extensive list of wedding photographers available on our platform that your day may end scrolling only. To eliminate some of them, the best method is to decide a price range under which you want your photographer to fall and then select the best for you from that filtered range.

Quite often when we speak to finalise things, every party has their own mindset relating to how the work should go like especially in cases like photography where it is all about the art and the artist. This can lead to misinterpretations and unnecessary chaos. To ensure that everything goes on smoothly, a written communication document is a must. Some of the basic things it can cover is duration till when the photographer’s team would be giving their services, events they will cover, how many team members would be present at which functions, package inclusions and exclusions, mode of payments and advances, cameras and equipment used, any hidden costs such as albums, stay, transportation etc., limitations on number of pictures to be taken, delivery date of wedding teasers and albums, pre wedding shoot inclusions and any special request you have made.

Although we validate all the vendors with our multi-step verification process, we would still want you to research your favourites by reading their ratings and reviews and see the type of work they have done in the past. This gives you an idea enough to know their strength areas, the thought behind their photographs and the quality of their work, all of it important enough to help you take a thoughtful decision.

A good photographers makes us see our world with his eyes and that is way more beautiful. The more his expertise is, the closer he will be to making some never thought before shots. Also, a combination of well skilled photographer and latest technology clad camera and shooting equips is bang on. If you have achieved this in your pictures, it is a paisa-vasool for you.

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