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Welcome to Behind the Scene – A professional destination wedding planners & event management company based out of the City of Lakes – Udaipur – offering top-notch wedding planning and management services. Behind the Scene can undertake them all professionally and execute them with sheer perfection. There are a lot of things that go into making a destination wedding successful. As a leading wedding planner from Udaipur, Behind the Scene, knows them all. Further, with its expertise in destination weddings, it leaves no leaf unturned in making your destination wedding a grand success.

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    Find the one that knows how to turn your W-day into a grand affair. In short, put your trust in Behind the Scene – a trusted destination wedding planning company 

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    Being a leading and experienced wedding planner in Udaipur, we understand what it takes to make a nuptial perfect. We have a host of wedding planning services that make your W-Day all the more special.


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    Why Trust Behind the Scene As Your Destination Wedding Planner?

    Whether you are planning a destination wedding or looking for a wedding planning company in Udaipur that can take care of all your wedding chores, Behind the Scene won’t fail you. With an immensely experienced team, a network of professional wedding vendors, and a passion to make wedding celebrations a success, Behind the Scene makes your wedding the talk of the town. Here are more reasons to choose Behind the Scene for your wedding planning and other events


    Behind the Scene is the name you can rely on. No last minute goof-ups and no last-second blunders.

    One-Stop Solution

    From venue selection to decor, hospitality, logistics, photography, and catering, we offer you everything under one roof.

    Experienced Team

    A creative team with years of experience is what makes Behind the Scene one of the best wedding planner in Udaipur.


    Be it planning or execution, we undertake everything professionally. We adhere to a strict and ethical code of conduct that directs all our actions.


    We assure you of the best wedding planning in Udaipur without burning a hole in your pocket. And our service is most qualitative in towards your budgets

    Honest Consultancy

    Our consultation will guide and suggest our clients in every step, thus, ensuring that they only choose what is best for their wedding celebration.


    Our Planning For Your Celebrations

    What helps us stand apart from other wedding planner in Udaipur is our strategic approach towards goal achievement. We follow a simple yet effective process to ensure that we understand the requirements or expectations of our clients clearly. Catch a glimpse of our process.


    It all starts with knowing the client and their expectations. We even consult the client at this stage.


    Be it a destination wedding or a native one, we help our clients finalize a wedding venue.


    Here things start taking shape with discussion on decor, design, and other wedding essentials.


    From local artists to prominent ones, we cater to all the entertainment requirements of our clients.


    And now it’s all about rolling up our sleeves and activating our Performance mode ON.


    Wedding Destinations

    Have a look at some of the most beautiful wedding destinations in India and abroad. Planning a wedding at one of these locations? Behind the Scene – a leading destination wedding planner in Udaipur is at your service.

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    Behind the not just a wedding planner but they understand every single emotions of your need..when you connect with someone you can easily fulfill their requirements and I appreciate efforts made by your was a royal wedding for me.. For bride it's important to make her wedding day special and you guys did a fab job....
    Charu Mehta
    We had a great experience. The team made sure all small details were also taken care of. Didn't have to remind them much abt it.. just tell them once and they will take care of it. They will also suggest and plan things keeping in mind the budget of the wedding. They don't believe in too much of social publicity but once you see their work you will know surely come out impressed..Great team..N great work..
    Rucha Shah
    I got married last December and boy oh boy. Never in my dreams have. I attended a wedding which behind the scenes arranged. Magnanimous setups, grand decorations. Truly they do stand by their name, behind the scenes, you and your family can enjoy the wedding everything else is taken care by them. Definitely consider them if you are looking for a fun and free from worry wedding
    Siddharth Kothari

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    Want to know more about wedding planning, wedding planner, or destination wedding in Udaipur? Here in these blogs, we have compiled everything precisely. Have a read!


    Behind the Scene - A Leading Wedding Planner in Udaipur

    Weddings are once in a lifetime event. Happiness, celebrations, joy are all part of it. However, in the background, there are worries and responsibilities. From concerns regarding wedding decor to food and hospitality, there are oodles of worries that hover over the head of the host. But every cloud has a silver lining. All these issues and concerns can be easily overcome with the help of a wedding plannerBut there are plenty of wedding planners out there. How to finalize one of them? Look for the one that has a proven track record of successful weddings. Find the one that knows how to turn your W-day into a grand affair. In short, put your trust in Behind the Scene – a trusted wedding planning company in Udaipur and be assured of a hassle-free and memorable wedding celebration.

    Udaipur and Behind the Scene - “ A Match Made in Heaven”

    One of the hottest wedding destinations, Udaipur has seen a plethora of high-profile and memorable weddings. Not just popular for destination weddings, even natives of Udaipur have plenty to explore while tying the knot in the city. Making your nuptial all the more special is Behind the Scene – a leading wedding planning company in Udaipur.

    Behind the Scene is here with all its amazing wedding-related services for all who want to have a memorable and flawless wedding celebration. Not just a picture-perfect wedding, but Behind the Scene also lets you enjoy your wedding celebration rather letting you worry about the various aspects involved in a wedding.

    Addons You will Get in Your Wedding Planning through Behind The Scene:

    • Excellent Planning: Whether you are planning a destination wedding in Udaipur or somewhere else, hand over the responsibility of your wedding planning in the hands of Behind the Scene. Flawless is the word that describes the planning and management of Behind the Scene. Right from venue selection to venue decor, Behind the Scene plans everything perfectly, so as to keep all goof-ups and blunders at bay.
    • Creative Vision: In the domain of event management, creativity is the key. And what makes Behind the Scene one of the best wedding planner in Udaipur is their creative expertise that can be well gauged from their execution-style. Be it decor, design, or wedding theme selection, everything is creative and out-of-the-box.
    • Professional Execution: At Behind the Scene, professionalism is given due importance. Everything is undertaken and executed professionally so as to ensure complete satisfaction for the clients. And it is their professionalism that makes Behind the Scene a trusted wedding planning company in Udaipur.
    • A Comprehensive Service Bucket: With a large number of wedding-related services in one place, you won’t need to go to different vendors. From guests’ invitations to entertainment, logistics, choreography and catering, Behind the Scene is a hub of all wedding-related services. 
    • Best Value for Money: Whether you are looking forward to having a royal wedding in Udaipur or a small one at a wedding hotel in Udaipur, Behind the Scene has something for everyone. With their budget analysis and wedding planning consultancy, they offer you the best which doesn’t exceed your budget but surely your expectations.
    • Transparency: Behind the Scene believes in honest and transparent operations and both these traits make it a trusted wedding planner in Udaipur. Furthermore, confidentiality holds paramount importance and no significant client information is shared without their permission.

    Behind the Scene offers the Best Wedding Services in Udaipur

    • Wedding Venue: Confused about the plethora of wedding venues in Udaipur? Fret not! Behind the Scene knows which venue will enhance your wedding celebration and fun. On the basis of your budget, guests’ strength, and various other factors, it suggests a venue that is sure to cater to all your needs, requirements, and expectations. Whether you dream of a wedding in Udaipur Palace or any of the wedding resorts in the city, Behind the Scene will clear all the clouds for you. Indeed, leave the venue selection process on the shoulders of a wedding planner like Behind the Scene.
    • Destination Wedding : Have an exotic location in mind to tie the knot? Or do you want to have your destination wedding celebration in Udaipur? Well, you are in the right place. Behind the Scene knows the ins and outs of destination wedding planning. From making destination wedding arrangements to transport and logistics, Behind the Scene can take care of everything. So, if you are looking for the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur, Behind the Scene is here to end that search for you.
    • Wedding Decor : They say the first impression is the last impression. And therefore, the decor of the wedding venue has to be super elegant, gorgeous, and mesmerizing enough for that first impression to be really impressive. Though many wedding planner in Udaipur assure of a beautiful decor but not all of them keep that assurance. However, this is not the case with Behind the Scene. It keeps wedding decor in mind across all the stages of wedding planning. Floral decor, light decor, decor theme, decoration with props, entry gates, sangeet stage, you name it. With its creative vision and expertise, Behind the Scene elevates the decor game of your wedding venue in Udaipur several notches higher.
    • Luxury Wedding : Perfect weddings are easy to talk about but hard to execute, let alone a luxury wedding. The wedding planning game changes entirely in the case of a luxury or a  royal wedding. And even a wedding planner fathoms it quite well. Right from weddings that are on a shoestring budget to luxurious and grand weddings, Behind the Scene has all of them in its portfolio. Whether you dream of a luxurious wedding or a royal palace wedding, Behind the Scene is among the best wedding planner in Udaipur who can execute the same flawlessly. From selecting a luxurious venue, dolling it up with opulent decor, to exotic food and artists management, Behind the Scene leaves no leaf unturned to infuse grandeur to your wedding celebration.
    • Hospitality and Guests Management : When it comes to a wedding or in fact any other event, every guest is important. You don’t want any of your guests to be unattended. However, attending to guests is one of the most challenging tasks in a wedding. But not anymore for Behind the Scene – a trusted wedding planning company in Udaipur – is here to do guest management on your behalf. The courteous and polite team of Behind the Scene has been trained to attend to the guests in the best possible manner. Guests management and hospitality gain the number one spot when it comes to destination weddings. Riding them to the destination wedding venue from public transport hubs, helping them with the accommodation, etc. are quite integral to a destination wedding. And handling this by the family members can be quite tiresome. That’s when Behind the Scene – a destination wedding specialist – comes to your rescue.
    • Logistics: In a wedding, there could be many to and fro from one place to another. Behind the Scene makes this process easier for you. Whether it is your guests who want to travel to your wedding venue or there are things and items that you want to send to your venue, we take care of all your logistics requirements.
    • Photography and Videography: Apart from bringing two hearts closer, a wedding is also about memories and moments. And to capture these moments, we offer our professional photography and videography services. As a part of our wedding planning, we ensure that you get the best of the best and professional photographers and videographers who are experienced enough to get you the right clicks. Furthermore, we also aid in pre-wedding shoots and deciding the best pre-wedding Venues in Udaipur. Right from your family clicks, those aerial drone shots, bride-groom snaps to candids, we have got your back.
    • Entertainment and Artists Management: Branding wedding as the synonym of entertainment won’t be wrong. Without those groovy tracks in your sangeet and calm music in your reception, a wedding doesn’t feel like a wedding. As a prominent wedding planning company in Udaipur, we have oodles of entertainment vendors and artists in our network. Whether you want a professional DJ or sound mixer for your sangeet, we are here to help. If you desire a popular artist to perform for you on your W-Day, we’ll fulfil your desire. Our entertainment service is another factor that keeps us ahead of other wedding planners in Udaipur.
    • Other Services that Make us a Leading Udaipur Wedding Planner: Undoubtedly, the aforementioned are some of the indispensable services that blow life to every wedding. However, there are other itsy-bitsy services and essentials that can enhance the entire wedding celebration. As a wedding planning specialist in Udaipur, we understand the importance of these services and therefore, offer the same to our clients. These services are gifts for the guests, wedding venue rentals, guests invitation, bride/groom hair, and makeup, etc. With all these services, we offer a comprehensive wedding package after which you don’t have to run after these services separately.

    These were some of the services that Behind the Scene – your wedding planner from Udaipur – has to offer. With such essential services, Behind the Scene ensures that you get everything in one place. Further, with all these services being at one place, you, as the host, can have all the things under control, thus, eliminating all the worries related to wedding planning. 

    All in all, if you’re tying the knot in the Venice of the East – Udaipur and looking for a trusted wedding planner for your nuptial, make sure to get in touch with Behind the Scenes. From guests’ invitations to wedding decor, Behind the Scene promises to make everything seamless and flawless for you.

    Some Last Words for Behind the Scene - One of the Leading Wedding Planner in Udaipur

    Wedding – An event that everyone embraces in their lives. And surely, no one wants any bungles in it. But to make sure the same, a wedding planner is a must. It is important that one looks for a wedding planner or wedding planning company that assures perfection. If you too are looking forward to trying the knot and looking for such a planner for your wedding, then Behind the Scene is here to lend you a helping hand.

    Be it a destination wedding, native wedding, or any other event, Behind the Scene can undertake them all professionally and execute them with sheer perfection. Furthermore, with its experienced team of professionals and a huge network of wedding vendors, you can be assured of a wedding that is the next talk of the town. With all these services and assurances, Behind the Scene is not just an eminent name in Udaipur but it is also a trusted wedding planner in Rajasthan.

    Irrespective of your budget, you must choose a wedding planner for your big day to make it just perfect. Right from tiny aspects of your weddings to huge chores, they shoulder the responsibility of each and everything, thus, ensuring you a hassle-free nuptial ceremony. 

    Behind the Scene - A Trusted Destination Wedding Planner in Udaipur

    There are a lot of things that go into making a destination wedding successful. As a leading wedding planner from Udaipur, Behind the Scene, knows them all. Further, with its expertise in destination weddings, it leaves no leaf unturned in making your destination wedding a grand success. Here’s what Behind the Scene – a prominent wedding planning company – has to offer to its clients who look forward to a destination wedding.

    • Destination Venue Selection: With so many destination wedding venues, finalizing one could be a daunting task. However, Behind the Scene makes it simple and seamless with its years of experience.
    • Travel and Logistics Management: Undoubtedly, booking travel for your wedding guests could be cumbersome. But with Behind the Scene – a leading wedding planning company in Udaipur, you don’t have to worry a bit about the travel and logistics of your wedding guests.
    • Accommodation and Hospitality: Behind the Scene has numerous destination weddings in its portfolio. Thus, you can count on it when it comes to the accommodation and hospitality of your guests.
    • All Other Essentials of a Destination Wedding: With Behind the Scene as your destination wedding planner, you don’t have to worry about any last-minute failure. Its planning and execution are perfect enough to deliver you an out-of-the-world destination wedding experience. 


    It’s the assurance of top-notch wedding planning and management that makes Behind the Scene a trusted and prominent event management company in Udaipur. Destination wedding in Udaipur is not something new. From eminent B-Town celebrities to business tycoons, many have tied the knot in the city of lakes. Considering the same, Behind the Scene offers services that well-match the expectation of all those looking forward to a destination wedding in the city of lakes. And the quality standards are extended to even those who are native and looking for one of the best wedding planners in Udaipur for their special day.

    All – Yeah that’s what the answer is to the aforementioned question. Whether you are looking for a destination wedding planner in Udaipur, want consultation on wedding decor, venue selection, catering, or entertainment, Behind the Scene does it all. And guess what! As an immensely experienced wedding planning company in Udaipur, it knows what fits in what budget. So, really don’t have to worry about your wedding celebration burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s quickly look at the service bucket of Behind the Scene with which it delights its clientele.

    For those with the dream of a fairy tale wedding, Behind the Scene can surely turn their dream into a reality. As an experienced and trusted wedding planning company in Udaipur, it knows the correct ingredients that go into the making of a picture-perfect wedding. With its oodles of different wedding planning services and experience, Behind the Scene is perhaps the first choice of all those who look forward to getting married in Udaipur. Here’s why you should choose and trust Behind the Scene as your wedding planner.