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Makeup is the speaking beauty of a bride

Wedding Bridal Makeup

Makeup, the evolved language of new age brides, speaking a lot about their preferences, styles and emotions. And when it is about Indian weddings, the exhaustive list of functions just never ends and so does the makeup, with every new function, there lays down an extended list of what not kind of makeup types you could opt for. The magnificent boom in the Indian weddings has simultaneously led to an increase in overall budget and spending capacity which in turn has opened new horizons for all the creative agencies including makeup artists. Their skills have come out in flying colours, all adding to the glam of their beautiful brides and handsome bride-grooms. And every time there is something advanced in the market, there is much noise about how imperative it is to follow those trends and join the race of being the fashionista bride. However, by this we aren’t forcing you to join a blind purpose since we totally believe in old being gold, but trying new advancements is never a bad option as it may unfold so many better alternatives you have never earlier thought of.

Whilst there is so much to talk about makeup, we would be on point to see that there is nothing important we miss upon. So, to begin with, let us go through what all kinds of makeup are offered by the current day mua’s.

Types Of Makeup

HD Makeup

In layman words, it is the kind of makeup that makes you look camera good. Serving as an aid to your photographer due to its camera -friendly qualities, HD Makeup uses techniques that does not sit heavy on face and are hydrating. This comes as a solution to the most common complaint of skin getting flaky after applying multiple makeup products. It is a blessing for the dry skin and uses hi end products that are light and reflecting, the main reason most celebrities go for this technique. The only demerit it brings with itself is the shorter duration of stay than the airbrush makeup.

Airbrush Makeup

The most used technique of the makeup world before HD came into existence, Airbrush proved a boon to the brides with oily skin due to its long staying abilities and silicone-based products. Of lately, it has been replaced by HD Makeup, blame its sometimes-flaky consistency and heavy products. Airbrush can however prove quite beneficial if the artist has proper control over the airgun and uses limited proportion of makeup products used.

Mineral Makeup

The newbie in the chintzy and flashy makeup industry, mineral makeup is the long-asked wish of sensitive skin brides come true. All adorned with ingredients based on earth extracted materials like iron and zinc oxides that are too light and skin friendly, they are enough to shoo away the nightmares of breaking out just after those heavy bridal makeups. In simple words, it is a kind of cosmetic makeup that uses everything natural and is generally fragrance free. There are various big brands that are providing an exclusive range of mineral-based makeup products.

Point To Remember While Booking Your Makeup Artist

Be it a destination wedding or home wedding, there are way too many options available for dolling up the brides. The first thing we should be working upon is shortlisting the makeup artist of our preference and reviewing their work and their best styles to take the best idea of what style we would like to have for ourselves.

Once the budget and research work are sorted and you have finally shortlisted your top few, the next step to be taken is to talk individually to all your chosen ones and get their bridal packages. This would help you to take a close review at all the services included, any extra services you wish to opt for, discounts and hidden costs.

If you are looking for any particular kind of makeup or style or products, it should be well-informed to the artist beforehand itself in order to avoid any last -minute chaos. Also, if the makeup artist has some necessities to complete your look like any special type of flowers or accessories, ask him/her to inform about this ahead of time itself.

The next in the line lies budget constraint. A pre-decided budget can help you eliminate all the out-of-range services and make your efforts wiser.

Generally, till the time we finalise which artist we want to hire for our big day, it turns out that so many of them are not available for your required dates. This makes pre-booking necessary so that you have to settle for nothing less. Also, this calls for asking them if they travel and arrangement of their stay and logistics.

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