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Just a quick question to you, tell us the first thing that your eyes notice once you get down to a wedding function. Without any second thought, the most favourable answer is the decoration or maybe the venue adorned with the décor i.e., the fresh floral paradises, the all lighted-up walls, the giant crockery setup in the middle of the ground, some knick-knacks spread out evenly at the ground and definitely the most decorated of all, entrance lobby to the main ground, all of this we see the first when we enter the wedding venue and our eyes can’t miss any failure or mismatch at these places. By saying this, what we are highlighting is the expectations that one holds from the décor part at the weddings and how crucial it is to look after every minute detail of how the decoration needs to be designed to get the maximum attention and applause. While choosing the décor, there are several factors that comes into consideration and only a right-minded wedding expert could get all the cards together to make it flawless.

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Process Of Decor Finalization

Behind the Scene is known as the best wedding decorators in Udaipur. Our team first takes a meeting with you to know your ideas and expectations about the ceremony, what inspires you, what you like about the latest trends and fashion? Keeping in mind every little detail shared by you, we design, create, and execute the idea. Either you are planning for floral Décor, classic Décor, or theme Décor, all responsibility from arranging lights to decorating stage, from arranging flowers to decorating dinner table or from setting Music to Catering set up, team Behind the Scene are here.

Any sort of legalities and formalities should be addressed at the earliest in order to enjoy a smooth run of events afterwards. In the case of décor, general legal permissions from local authorities regarding time restrictions etc. and specific permissions from venue authorities regarding to what limit they will allow the décor, any specific ways in which they follow the décor procedure, any restrictions on use of certain type of materials in décor, places where we would need help from the venue authorities in our décor & design, setups which are readily available within the venue premises which can be put to use, any area of the property which is excluded from our contract, any hidden charges on the use of some space etc. forms a part of dealing on and about specific permissions. At this time, one more fact should be made clear that before how much time would the property be handed over to us in order to plan décor accordingly.

After deciding the function wise locations, it gets clearer in the mind that what themes would go with which locations. Its like a pool side mehndi ceremony with cabana décor seems fun or a desert theme in a traditional day function could look reflecting, or maybe a dance stage with an all-black theme could look super chic; it is just that the ideas get sorted after the locations are finalised and it gets easy to make the client visualise your thoughts in a more defined way. Thereafter, once the client is convinced with our ideas and shortlist some of them, the next step in the process is providing him blueprints, layout of venue which shows the placement of decor elements and furnture that will show how the decorations would actually look like. This helps in invoking trust in the work and eliminating any confusions thereupon.

As soon as the wedding date approaches, preparations for the big day takes two-fold rise. Among various things, one thing that has to start off in advance is the preparations for delivering supplies and raw material required to build up any temporary structures which are the part of décor and cannot be completed if sent later. With this also the tent agencies get to work and start sending props and other items to the venue. Our team coordinate with the agencies and ensure that work is progressing smoothly and as decided.

Right above, we talked about how the new trends are taking everyone off the feet and there is so much to do when you talk about the entertainment factor in the weddings. It is just like you name it and you get it. Ranging from live music and orchestra, LED Screens, jugglers, folk artists, games, photo booth, selfie corners, tattoo artists, children games zone, wax hands, random gifts to fleet of foreign artists performing stunts, fireworks and magnificent props, you can make a whole mini world out of the place such is the beauty of everything together. Our team pays special care to bring to you the most recently trending entertainments and make your functions worth every penny.

Once the formalities are sorted, the next thing that Team Behind The Scene focusses is on devising a plan that works best for the decided budget. Every client has his own idea of allocating on how much to spend for the décor since the more the decor budget, the more grandeur will be the event. What we do is to help the client understand the exact importance of how much spending is worth and what could give you the maximum benefit. Also, when booking a typical wedding venue, there are multiple locations available and only a site visit with the client can help merge his expectations with the themes and design that can go with the location. Moreover, only when the venue is in front of the eyes, the client gets a better picture of which location would suit for which function and standard time gaps that would be needed for the décor of back-to-back functions.

The anatomy of Indian weddings has changed quite a lot in recent times and has emphasised more on involving personal factors to play a role in everything from food to mandaps, from attires to entertainment and so on. Décor too is not left untouched and got a new way of presentation in the form of theme-based weddings, surprise entries, customised stages, hashtag corner etc. One such concept is the planning of bride-groom entries on the various functions held. In this rapidly changing world, things are becoming repetitive in just a matter of some thoughts. You think it and somebody is doing it. This calls for the wedding planners to be pro active and think of ways that takes the innovation, creativity and personal factor, all in consideration and devise something that is just too wow to see. Team BTS with its creativity and design experts works their heart out in planning bride-groom entries in ways that are fresh, rejuvenating, affecting and gives absolute pleasure to anybody who witnesses it.

Our team is present at every nook and corner of the function locations during the event to monitor any last-minute chaos and take immediate actions to solve them so that the experience of guests remains unaffected. The highly professional and managed team looks after the on-site vendors and notices all the minute details of the function to provide a flawless experience as promised.

Once the final day arrives and all the agencies are at work, already to start off with their final preparations, then comes the time to perform quality checks of everything that would be put to use by the décor agency such as tables, chairs, cloths, crockery, decoratives, other props etc. The main point of doing this is to see to it that the items put to use are neat and clean, sanitised, washed and are in a good state. Also, the decorations should be full proof without a single chance of any mishappening that may occur if went unnoticed. This comes as a final touch to the décor part and the rest is left for the guests to enjoy.

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