Cost of Destination Wedding at Fateh Garh , Udaipur

How much does a destination wedding in the Fateh Garh, Udaipur cost? All about the Fateh Garh Resort, Udaipur wedding

Overlooking the beautiful city of Udaipur is an inviting and grand heritage renaissance property of Fateh Garh. On the top of the Aravalli hills offering an alluring view of the city, stands tall this magnificent architecture of culture and heritage. The vast 60 acres of sprawling land exhibits the symbol of luxury, comfort and culture. Fateh Garh stands true to its roots of Rajputana heritage but with a modern twist of amenities and settings. Fateh Garh is the perfect location for the wedding of your dream. Opulent venues, dream like views and benevolent hospitality makes this heritage resort nothing like ever before. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to plan your fairy tale wedding at Fateh Garh resort. Everything from the total expenses of the wedding to the different venues available to you and any additional expenses would all be listed out. With this information in hand, we are sure that you will be ready to plan your memorable and mesmerizing wedding at Fateh Garh.  

Cost of the wedding at The Fateh Garh

The Fateh Garh resort stands as one of the most alluring and mesmerizing location for weddings. Their sprawling area hosts visually appealing venues for different activities of the wedding. A two wedding at Fateh Garh resort Udaipur can cost anywhere between 50 lakhs to 60 lakhs. This is inclusive of accommodation, meals and venue. The resort proudly hosts 56 rooms with different variants depending on what you and your guest needs and this adds the guest capacity to 150. The property also has multiple photogenic wedding venues that is sure to make your wedding feel “one of a kind”. These different venues can make each wedding ritual more meaningful and pleasing. The heritage resort stays true to its words and also boasts a small vintage car collection that you can include in your wedding procession.

Extensive breakdown of the Fateh Garh expenses

Weddings need exquisite and elaborate planning of every possible detail. We at behind the scenes understand that. So, in this section of the blog, we bring you the detailed breakdown of all the different expenses that you will have to avail when planning a wedding at the Fateh Garh heritage resort.

1. Accommodation

Accommodation of oneself and the guests is one of the key components that makes or breaks a wedding. The serene and splendid experience that the guests feel for the stay and wedding needs to be etched in their hearts forever. The Fateh Garh resort hosts a wide array of rooms that are epitome of comfort. Out of 56 rooms, the different categories of rooms include – Renaissance rooms, Heritage Chamber suite, Fateh Garh Suite, Honeymoon Suites. You get to pick your choice of rooms from these variants.

  • Renaissance Rooms (Double occupancy, room and breakfast) – INR 12500 +18% Taxes
  • Heritage Chamber Suite (Double occupancy, room and breakfast) – INR 15500 + 18% Taxes
  • Fateh Garh Suites (Double occupancy, room and breakfast) – INR 18500 + 18% Taxes
  • Honeymoon Suites (Double occupancy, room and breakfast) – INR 35000 + 18% Taxes

2. Food expenses

An Indian wedding is incomplete without the colorful and flavorful feast. Weddings become the talk of the town when the cuisines and variety of dishes available at the wedding is tasty and delight the palate of the guests. The Fateh Garh catering provides different cuisines with mouthwatering dining options. The resort includes breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner to follow after your wedding functions.

  • Breakfast – INR 2000 + 18% Taxes
  • Lunch – INR 2200 + 18% Taxes
  • Hi- Tea – INR 900 + 18% Taxes
  • Dinner – INR 3000 + 18% Taxes

3. Venue

The venue of the wedding is one of the prime importance in any wedding. With every ritual right from Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet, Varmala needing a perfect venue setup, Fateh Garh resort has different venue locations that you could use according to the festivity. The resort showcases some of the most breathtaking and opulent venues there is. Evry festivity of the wedding will now become memorable and alluring.

Venue and their capacity

Name of the VenueArea (ft)Guest CapacityBest Function according to the Venue
Baradari Terrace9147 ft250Wedding and reception
Jai Bagh Upper Terrace6000 ft70Haldi, Mehendi and Pool Party
Jai Bagh Lower Terrace Food Area3960 ft150Sangeet and Reception
Janana Courtyard and Lounge2700 ft120Haldi and Mehendi

These are our suggestions as to how you can use the beautiful venues of the Fateh Garh Resort. You can always choose the venue and the festivity according to your own preference.

Additional services that help add colour to the wedding

1. Decor

The significance of décor in any wedding is just paramount. The way the décor is done always catches one’s eyes. You would only need the best and the most magical décor for your dream wedding. You can choose your theme, be it colours or the entire mood board of the wedding. The packages for this service depend on what you want to be showcased at your wedding. The approximate cost for the décor would be INR 1500000 + Taxes.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

Just like how they say, bride and groom look their absolute best on their wedding days. A wedding is often incomplete without the marron mehendi and makeup. We want you to look your absolute best. So, we provide you with customized packages for makeup and mehendi depending on the artists you choose. You also get to choose different artists for the bride, groom and family members. This could add up to a better pricing for sure. The cost of makeup starts from INR 150000 and INR 5000 for mehendi depending on the artist you choose.

3. Photography

Capturing the magical moments of the wedding that can add on to the box of memories for life is just as important as the wedding in itself. A good photographer can capture those magical moments for you. Our photographer will make sure to carve you a beautiful wedding glimpses set against the background of the breathtaking venues in the Fateh Garh resort. This service is also customizable. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 350000 + Taxes.

4. Folk artists

Local art performances and folk art in general has been a very evident trend in the weddings o the year. Any event be it singing, dancing, cultural performances, this is sure to add more colours to your wedding. You can have an alluring and magnificent folk artist performance now. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 30000 for 4 art pieces.

5. Sound and DJ setup

The sound of music and the DJ on the stage is something that no wedding can miss on. Getting to shake a leg or two on your wedding day is sure so much fun. You can hire the DJ and talk about your themes and any special song sequences you have in mind. This is sure to make your wedding a memorable one. The rough cost of approximation for a professional sound setup starts from INR 350000 + Taxes and for the DJ its per show INR 30000. (Depends upon selection)

Why Choose the Fateh Garh for Your Wedding

Udaipur, the city of lakes stands tall when it comes to destination weddings. There are so many different resorts and properties that could be perfect for your wedding. But Fateh Garh Heritage resort, sure stands out from the rest. The royal ambience, breathtaking views, comfortable accommodations and amazing venues makes the resort one of a kind. What is the uniqueness of the Fateh Garh resort you ask?

1. The mesmerizing view:

Rajasthan in its most opulent regal charm is what you get in the resort.

2. The backdrop:

As the resort is perched atop of the hills, you get panoramic views that is sure to create picturesque photos.

3. True to culture:

The resort stays true to its roots and you get to enjoy the Rajasthani culture in anything and everything. Right form the music, dance, cuisines.

4. Venues:

With different venues for different wedding festivity, each ritual will look beautiful and breathtaking. This also provides flexibility in planning all your wedding events.

5. Privacy:

The resort makes sure that your privacy is safeguarded. If intimate wedding is on your list, then Fateh Garh resort can serve as the perfect spot.

If a mesmerizing and breathtaking wedding is what you have in mind, contact us today. Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

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