How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Taj Rambagh Palace, jaipur Cost?

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Taj Rambagh Palace, jaipur Cost? All About Taj Ram Bagh Palace Wedding

The Pink City holds its own aesthetic value when it comes to being a destination wedding favourite. The city is a living example of a magnificent architecture and a glorifying history.

One such celebrated architectural pleasures in Jaipur is Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace. Decked up with state of art designs, intricate inlay artwork and exquisitely artisanal rooms opening to astonishing picturesque corridors, this boutique property provides everything that two tying hearts and merging families wish for.

What emerges first in our minds when we think of weddings are the costs that are associated to make the wedding happen. To sort this out step by step for you, we have effectively summarised all the wedding related costs at Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. We assure you that these costs are well researched and reviewed by our team and presented to you as a ready reference.

Also, we bet that you will find this blog the most informative of all others and a deciding factor to your wedding cost dilemmas as far as Taj Rambagh Palace is concerned.

Taj Rambagh palace, jaipur wedding cost

Total Cost of Wedding at Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

A two-day wedding hosting 150 guests at Taj Rambagh Palace costs around INR 25,00,000 (+GST)  inclusive of food and stay. The cost is exclusive of alcohol, décor and any event related activities but includes multiple venues inside the premises for hosting the events.

Accommodation at Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

A comfortable stay that defines luxury is what the accommodation at Taj Rambagh Palace routes for. Encompassed with a total of 50 rooms, Taj Rambagh Palace can serve a maximum of 170 guests. There rooms are further bifurcated into 4 below mentioned categories:

Palace Rooms: These are basic deluxe rooms which can take up to 3 guests and are 31 in quantity chargeable at Rs 14000 + GST.

Royal Imperial Suites: These are the basic category suites accommodating around 4 -5 people and are chargeable at Rs 16000 + GST.

Historical Suite: They are the luxury suites for around 4-5 guests and are chargeable at Rs 16000 + GST.

Grand Historical Suite: They are premium suites catering to 5 guests and are chargeable at Rs 16000 +GST.

Note –

  • There are 19 suites available in total along with 31 palace rooms.
  • In case you have an extended guestlist that doesn’t fit into Taj Rambagh Palace, accommodation arrangements can be made at Vijay Vilas, Jai Singh Garh or Akshay Niwas since these properties are in vicinity of Taj Rambagh Palace and Taj Rambagh Palace entertains co-hosting with them. Also, you can choose a nearby property of your own choice for the extra guests.
  • Any extra guest in room is chargeable separately.
Taj Rambagh palace, jaipur wedding cost

Food Cost at Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Equipped with a multi cuisine restaurant serving Indian, Oriental and Continental delicacies, food at Taj Rambagh Palace is appetising and sumptuous. They provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for meal menus depending upon your needs.

While the vegetarian menu ranges from around Rs 1200 per plate to Rs 3000 per plate for a five course meal inclusive of desserts and live counters (for higher ranges), the non-vegetarian menu extends from Rs 1300 to Rs 3100 for the same.

They have a pre-set number of dishes in every segment and any further requests are entertained on extra charges if informed in-advance at the time of finalising the menu.

Other Major Costs – An Overview

1. Wedding Décor

Wedding decor serves as the main highlight of your wedding and make the whole venue way more appealing. Wedding Decor at Taj Rambagh Palace dolls up the property just like a makeup artist dolls up the bride. And with Behind The Scene by your side, wedding decor at this picturesque location gets as flawless as it can be. The wedding decor cost here can range anywhere from minimalist decor to heavy ones ranging from ₹ 10 Lakhs for a 2 day wedding to higher demands as expected.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

While Jaipur has many celebrity make up artists who are extremely professional, the city also has budget artists whose packages starts from around ₹ 5000 per makeup and packages can cater to family bookings as well. The highest makeup artists from Jaipur charge is around ₹ 30,000 per bridal makeup. Henna Artists in Jaipur offers Bridal packages starting from ₹ 1100 for bridal and extending to ₹11000 for the same.

3. Photographer:

Jaipur’s beauty needs a skilful artist to capture such breathtaking scenes and this maybe one reason that the city has plenty of skillful hands at photography. Catering to every budget range, the photography packages in Jaipur starts from ₹ 50,000 and go upto ₹ 3,50,000.

4. DJ, Sound & Entertainment :

The entertainment factor of a wedding is the main highlight of the wedding and the costs related to it exclusively depends to what range and heights you want to take your function to. You can opt for local budget artists or highly acclaimed folk artists, High profile bands or a standalone singer; there are various options available to fit every budget. Taj Rambagh Palace also provide in-house artists.

5. Logistics and Others:

Taj Rambagh Palace is at reachable distances from both the city and outskirts and easily available for road transportation. Behind The Scenes provides taxis and shuttles for carrying guests and luggages to and fro during the wedding at competitive rates.

Things to keep in mind while booking Taj Rambagh Palace:

Since the property is a rare find and is usually booked, make sure you put forth your weddinh inquiries well before time.

If you have an extended guestlist of more than 200 guests, keep a track of surrounding hotels that can accommodate your guests well.

There are additional charges for certain items in the food menu. Take a note of it before hand to avoid any further chaos.

Taj Rambagh palace, jaipur wedding cost

Taj Rambagh Palace – The Glory and The Story

The brainchild of one of the noble houses of Mewar, Taj Rambagh Palace was created with a desire and will to preserve the rich culture of Mewar, forever. This absolute beauty took 16 long years to look what it looks like today and no wonder why. The palatial property still leaves the imprints of the magnificent handcrafts and arts of Rajasthan and awes the travellers from all around the world.

Awarded the Travellers Choice in 2020, this boutique palace leaves you with your eyes wide and mouths open at its delicately designed and perfectly carved architecture.

The palatial property is a living experience for all the future generations to get absorbed in the culture of Mewar and resonate with the peace and beauty it throws at you.

A wedding favourite, this property is amongst the most highly booked wedding destinations of Jaipur, credit to its amazing backdrops, excellent culinary and gastronomical food experience and truly polite mewari hospitality. The property also features a Polo Club and Indoor pool.

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At Taj Rambagh Palace, Udaipur

1. What is Taj Rambagh Palace room price for wedding?

A wedding for 2 days catering to 150 guests in Taj Rambagh Palace costs around 25,00,000 inclusive of food, accommodation and venue but does not include décor, alcohol and other event related activities. You have to separately book a wedding planner to cater to all these extra arrangements.

2. What is Taj Rambagh Palace lunch and dinner price for weddings?

While the lunch is charged at from INR 1200 to INR 2800 for a five-course meal inclusive of dessert and depending upon the items and quantity you choose, the dinner is ranged between INR 1500 to INR 3000. The charges for vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu also differs a bit.

3. How Much Taj Rambagh Palace wedding cost for 3 days?

The cost of a 3-day wedding at Taj Rambagh Palace for 150 people costs around INR 30 Lakh to INR 40 Lakh inclusive of food, accommodation and venue but exclusive of décor, alcohol and others.

4. How many rooms does Taj Rambagh Palace have?

Taj Rambagh Palace is divided into 50 rooms which are further bifurcated as 19 Palace Rooms and 31 Suites named as Imperial Suite, Historical Suite and Grand Historical Suite.

5. Should I have to book all rooms if I am planning my wedding at Taj Rambagh Palace?

It is recommended to book all the rooms but if you choose otherwise, you are still welcome.

6. Is the price of Taj Rambagh Palace varying according to season?

Taj Rambagh Palace is generally fully booked during the peak season but you may get discounted prices during the off season.

7. Taj Rambagh Palace Price in November to March?

The price of Taj Rambagh Palace in November to March varies from around INR 15,000 – INR 20,000 + GST.

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