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We have time and again emphasised on the fact that choosing a correct  Hill Station destination wedding venue is of utmost importance since there is a breath of fresh air that your wedding location pumps into your wedding and it should hit the bullseye. Every effort on arranging the most elegant décor and dressing the venue to the nines comes to zero if the aura of the location doesn’t shout as pretty as a picture. No matter how much efforts we put in, the destination finalisation stage takes the highest seat and can’t be a miss. It has to be specially curated keeping in mind the time of the year your wedding date falls, your personal preferences regarding décor and the type of functions you have thought to have.

Now, even if all this doesn’t drive you towards having a  Hill Station wedding in summertime, we just want you to ponder over one question – Are you too from the tribe that once was stuck at the base of the mountains, all out of words and mesmerized by their undisputed beauty and yet aghast by those uncharted peaks? Mountains are close to people in many ways, some see them as their adventure port of call, others find their romantic escape in those zeniths and the rest are propelled to find their inner peace amidst the forestry calms. Whatever the case may be, Mountains never leaves you disappointed and that’s a rare quality.

Again, India has a plenty of  Hill Station destination wedding Venue options to select from and you have a lot of alternatives to choose from based on your convenience of accessibility from your hometown and which pretty among them appeals the most-prettiest to you. Be it Shimla, Mussoorie, Jim Corbett in North , Munnar or Ooty in South , Darjeeling in East or Mount Abu in West; every destination is differently beautiful from another and accommodates posh and magnificent hotel properties. Furthermore, mountains in India are highly associated with spiritual and cultural beliefs and are said to be already blessed leading you to tie your knots in the closest proximity to godly forces.

Is there anything else that we are missing on this already never-ending quality list of  Hill Station? We doubt not. Go pull up your socks, tie your shoes to get on the run of tying your knots in the mountains, nowwww!

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