Invites, Wedding Favours And Gifts

Wedding Gifts, an uncommon way to say your guests “Thank you” for giving their time on Special Day of your Life.

Wedding Gift & Invites

Wedding invites are the first teasers into your wedding. In other words, it’s a short compilation of all the highlights of your weddings with the details about the basics. And since, it is the first step to your biggest day, it has got to have all the energy and hard work from everywhere to make it stand out. At the same time, it should have all the qualities to reach out the heart of your guests and pump them all up for being a part of your celebrations. The major considerations while choosing a wedding invite forms up as coordination with wedding theme, colour aesthetics, content and font style finalisation, wedding favours and add-ons to be sent along with, card material, flaps and so on.

Team BTS totally understand the significance of these minor attributes and the major impact they have. Therefore, to make this customary approach all the way more painless for you, we religiously follow the process of handpicking themes, sticking to recent trends, drafting content and handing over the sample invitation thus helping you choose what suits you and your guests the best.

Scope Of Team BTS In Wedding Invites

Knowing The Guestlist:

The prime essential is to be informed about the total guests arriving to the celebration and segregating them on the basis of their region of residence. This gives an idea of how early the printing and deliveries need to be initiated in order to make the invites reach timely. Also, this aids in knowing the exact time left to take the final decisions on venue, date and other essential that needs to be printed on the invites and in turn speeds up the whole decision process.

Swearing By The Recent Trends:

Whether it is the themes, colour or digital presence, the invites should be made keeping in mind the ongoing trends since everyone is so used to accepting and appreciating them. Incorporating recent trends in card designs like caricature cards, animated cards, laser cut cards, jigsaw puzzle cards, box invites, card material-based invites, flipbook invites or following pastel colours, or function-themed colour combinations or maybe going all the way digital with e-cards, videos, website, hashtags; there is so much to adopt from around.

Finalising Card Add-Ons And Accompaniments

The next thing on the board is consulting the client and deciding if the client wants to attach any other ancillary invite to the invitation for certain guests. Also deciding on what should be sent as Invite accompaniments becomes important since it will be the first wedding gift from the host side and needs to be the most sorted and thoughtful one. With various innovative ideas put to use in the recent times, we can skip the traditional ways of distributing sweets and hop on to some DIYs, personalised gifts, curated hampers, assorted chocolates couple hampers etc., Eco-Friendly gifts etc. The gifts must be finalised keeping in mind the guest choices and utilities. If you have a limited number of guests, you could also pick different gifts for different kinds, some chic gifts for friends, some cool gifts for cousins, utilities for elders, toys for kids and so on. Picking gifts considering the personal element makes guests really happy and plant the memories of your wedding in their head for quite longer.

Working On Invite Aesthetics:

Once the guestlist is finalised, the next step is to decide wedding invite aesthetics. From electing card themes that uplifts the spirit and style of wedding, picking colour combinations that suits the functions, selecting font styles that are easily readable and pretty, mentioning basic yet necessary details like RSVP, Venue Information for every function, Accurate Date and Time and outfit themes, if any. These details are very important for your guests to plan their trips and should be precisely put. One more turn-down is the grammatical error in the invite which gives a very bad impression of lack of care. Team BTS professionally handles all such information and put them together as per client choices to draft a sample which when approved, goes into printing.

Wedding Favours

Along with invites, one more custom is followed in Indian weddings, a gift that is given as symbol of appreciation and love to everybody who took out their precious time and joined the couple on their wedding celebration, called as wedding favour, a favour in return of your love, blessings and best wishes for the newlyweds. And our dear couple, if its about gifts, everybody, we repeat everybody, no matter the age, no matter what they say, absolutely loves them. The stress on this is just to let you know that these gifts should be very carefully picked keeping in mind your guestlist and certain other factors that we have just listed below:

Given a quite wide range to choose from, it is imperative to stick to the budget and choose the items which falls into it. This allows shortlisting of higher priced items and elimination of some cheap quality products. Without a pre-decided budget, it is just hopping from one item to another and not settling down for any. There are so many important aspects to look out for in the wedding that you just can’t be engaged with one.

Following a practical outlook while choosing your wedding favours is a win-win, you will be happy and satisfied giving and your guests would be happy receiving something they could utilize and not just have to make place out to store for years and then throw away without being put to use. By being practical here we mean, the favour should be thoughtful enough to be used for several coming years and still be in a good state. This would also be beneficial in a way that you and your wedding will be etched forever in the happy memories of guests since the memento will become a part of their daily life.

The presence of a customised mark be it whatever a picture or initials or a memory, whichever suits the best to your wedding favour, leaves a permanent impression on the heart of your guests of all the love & importance & reflectiveness that you have showered upon them with your cute little efforts on getting a personalised favour. To get ideas on what all kinds of personalisation are available, move to internet that is stormed with a hell lot of ideas on how creatively one can personalise. Just that it may cost you a little extra buck and a little more time.

A large group of people gets anxious when someone else’s belongings are lying in their house and quick measures are taken to deliver things to the owner safe and sound. Now going by this, a gift etched with wedding monograms gives if not wholly but at least halfway the same feeling; making the onlooker always feel that it belongs to someone else. Also, it deteriorates the raw beauty of the favor to a great extent. So, everyone out there thinking of marking your gifts with your wedding symbols, need to know that how much ever your guests love and are deeply attached to all the wedding fun and blasts they had, they are really truly not that affectionate towards monogram-etched favors.

The equation is very simple these days-what is trending, is winning. In these highly influential times of abundant social media presence and usage by all age groups, everyone’s idea of a perfect gift has become bigger and better. We witness so many innovations and creativity around us that it is very natural to level up the expectations. And since the expectations are high, the return should be even higher; that’s the way to your guests’ heart. We therefore advise you to follow the ongoing trends at the time of your wedding and then give the selected favours your own touch of personalisation to make it trendy yet stand out from the circle of repetitive ideas.

The way to a man’s hearts is through food and if we talk in particularly about Indians, it is surely through confectioneries. Therefore, Indian wedding favours are as incomplete without confectioneries as a party without music or a birthday without a cake; you can still do without it but the event loses its spark. Now given that you are distributing sweets, one major limitation are guests with food allergies or restricted sugar intake. You can however resolve this by setting apart certain boxes with sugar free recipes and informing your event partner with a list of guests for whom they need to be delivered.

One smart move is to gift favours that can be put to immediate use. How? We’ll tell you how effectively. Suppose you distribute shawls as wedding favours in your wedding at a sky-high hill station or offer hats or sunglasses at a beach wedding or some fancy rhipis in a hot summer wedding, all of them are easy to carry and can be used by guests then and there only hence giving them an elevated sense of satisfaction and joy. Thinking of gifts according to the destination can prove a masterstroke for longer term since guests will be able to assume the time of your wedding even after years passed by.

Once you finalise the design, style, fonts and packaging and everything that includes the final touch; take some time out and personally assess that how the final outcome looks. It is only here that you can make any changes and decide. Leaving the whole thing on the wedding planner is an option, but reviewing it personally gives an extra sense of confidence on how much moved your guests would be with your uniquely chosen and beautifully thought of wedding favour.

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