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Music and Dance is a way of showing love and the right music can make any wedding unforgettable.

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We often hear everyone say and ask Was the wedding fun??? Or maybe Let’s attend the wedding and have some real fun. So one thing is for sure, Where there is a wedding, there is fun and just too much fun. The fun quotient of a wedding is the measurement scale of how successful (in guest’s eyes) the wedding preparations were. While actually the limelight should be the bride and groom, seldom does it happen that they are available for all the after party or after ceremony fun since there are so many poojas, hawans, traditions etc. they are burdened with and if nothing else, how to escape from hours long ‘glued to the chair’ mode with their makeup artists. All this takes away the focus from them and while waiting for the bride groom, the fillers come in as a boon for the guests. Be it any age group, weddings these days have something to offer to everyone, kids’ zone with slides and amusement, on-ground fun activities for children, non-stop music, pool parties, photo booth, tattoo corners, wax hands etc. for youth, live music, orchestra, karaoke night, antaksharis for mid age and above guests. Some interesting activities enjoyed by all age groups include fireworks, celebrity shows, artist gigs, astrologers, tarot card readers, comedy shows, sufi nights and so on, the list is never ending.

Henceforth, to have the best of these best experiences, there arises a need of following a practical and balanced approach. Not only hiring these agencies involves a lot of money, but they also come with the struggle of negotiations, trustworthiness, research and quality delivered. Until and unless the artists are not already known or experienced upon by you, it gets very difficult to search for the perfect one abiding by your interests, price range, their experience etc. And you know whom to reach to when you are on a sinking ship, of course, your wedding sailor-men at Team BTS. Well, jokes apart, what our team possess is an excellent amount of thorough understanding of agency work cultures and how to bring to terms the best of their work, credit to our highly connected network of field professionals and creatively driven team. We, at Behind The Scene, walk hand-in-hand with our clients from agency shortlisting, negotiation, finalisation till the final payment is made and even afterwards in a sense that we make sure that the hired agency fulfils all its work commitments and do justice to the cause.  Fully equipped with back up plans and emergency requirements, we make sure that all is handled well at the time of the event, both the parties remain fully satisfied with the process and there is absolute transparency practiced in the dealings.

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A few more pointers at your end that can be kept in mind while hiring Wedding Entertainment:

Event Type and Time Specification

Wedding is full of so many ceremonies from dawn-to -day-to-night-to-midnight (and after) and for each of them there is a mood set different from the other. Just take it like nobody would enjoy a DJ DAY or an activity-games NIGHT. Likewise, nobody would want to get tattooed at a sangeet party or get quizzed during a reception. So, the focus here is to consider which type of event is taking place at what time and then choosing the entertainment accordingly.

Local Folk Culture

While you should always have glimpse of your traditional and cultural background backed entertainment like ghoomar at a Rajasthani wedding or some rock band/live music for a beach wedding in goa, still if you are at a different destination other than your home state, we would highly recommend you to hire some local folk artists and let your guests enjoy the aura and vibes of your wedding land, somewhere they can be most enjoyed at in the rawest form.

Artist Schedule

Artists generally take multiple assignments for a single day during the wedding season and this may prove chaotic when the slots are tightly packed by them. Asking them about their other work commitment and place of delivery in advance may help us make our decision on either they should be called upon or not. Knowing all these things at an early stage also makes us prepared for last minute delays and cancellations, aiding us to plan our things better.

Artist Experience and Expertise

One big revelation about the agency or artist is the expertise and experience. The more of them, the more likely they are close to finalisation. Therefore, always look for someone with good prior experience and if not, his expertise in doing what he does should just blow off your mind and sweep you away from your feet.

Guestlist Based Themes

If you have an intimate wedding or your guestlist contains a majority of people from the same age group, choosing entertainment as per age and function themes can be a good idea. Now, suppose the theme of the function is Gujrati, we can no doubt have a garba setup and call garba artists or bands or dholwalas and have a blast since when it is about dance, it is beyond age limit. The same setup at an intimate beach wedding may be a big miss since it may not look as resplendent when matched with the vibes of the majority of guests at a romantic soothing setup.

Contractual Terms

Taking everything in writing eliminates the scope of any mismatch in understanding and also makes all the terms from both the parties crystal clear. In our agreement with the wedding entertainment agency, the things that should be discussed upon are: a) Advance Payments and other payment term, b) Artist performance duration and schedule, c) Cancellation and Refunds in case of no-show, d) Special requests from us that needs to be entertained, e) Equipment that need to be carried by him, f) Extra charges, if any.

Team and Equipment

The no. of team members, their expertise, the equipment everything should be well addressed before finalising them for your big day.


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