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Mehendi – The Most Beautiful Thing In The Bride’s Shringar

Henna, as we all know, is one of the 16 adornments forming a part of a complete bridal ensemble that identify with the endless beauty of a soon-to-be bride. Smitten by its absolutely aromatic fragrance and attractive dark blood colour it imparts, there is absolutely no bride who wants to skip having the most appealing henna designs on herself for the most-dreamy day of her life. Whilst Mehndi function is celebrated in an informal fashion, the roots of this traditional function are widespread across all the states of India with different names but the same zeal. Taking credits for one of the chirpiest and energising pre-wedding function, it is a happy colourful get-together of some girly chit chats, vibrant setups, loud and soulful music, traditional instruments like dholaks, emotional satires, supremely colour-popped attires and everything beautiful; topped with artists decorating hands and feet of the bride and guests with some intricate and customised Henna designs. Not only this, your guy gang is also an equal part of all this fun these days where we often see couples getting mehendi-fied together and why notttt, because when it is about making memories, together is always the better.

Now, given its significance and the magical moments this pre-wedding festivity creates, there needs to be some special efforts and innovative ideas put in by your wedding planner to make it an attractive one and bring themes that are afresh. This is where we step in and make your work a cake walk with our competitive, planned and focused approach on providing you with the best.

Also, there are certain responsibilities that needs to be worked out at your end so as to choose a henna artist that meets all your demands.

Provided Below Is The List Of Certain To Do’s Advised To Be Followed While Booking A Mehndi Artist:

Once you get your hands on your favourite designs, next is to search for your favourite artists. What you can look for to decide who your favourite is the delicacy with which they make the designs, how intricate the styles are, the level of expertise of the designer, the experience, if they offer demo or trials, the time they are expected to take, advance payments, any special requirements from their side and of course, their fees. One can also look for artists from outside the city who are ready to travel outstation, this gives us better option in our price range and help us decide among wider offers.

This one has to be the first, always. Time and again we have reminded you of drawing an outline of your budget spend and mehndi artist is no different. Some of you may be amazed to know that our wedding industry has top mehndi artists in India who charge up to around INR 30,000 for bridal mehndi and not everyone is interested to have set a budget this big for the same. Therefore, a budget needs to be chalked out ahead of other filtrations.

A Mehndi Artist generally have a small team of artists along with who looks after the mehndi of requirements of the rest of the family. They have different packages to offer and you can well decide to have their entire team on board for your family too.

Stated that there have always been wide varieties to choose from, Mehndi styles takes their inspiration from traditional Indian, Arabic, Persian, Tribal, Boho, Portrait designs and more. With time, customisation has influenced the mehndi market too and most of us have been spectators to bride and grooms cladding their mehndi hands with their important dates, their cities, first meet ups, and all the important aspects of their together life, something much advanced from the earlier brides hiding blushing over the initials of their grooms hidden in their hands. This makes it crystal clear that there is a lot of research that needs to be done by you in selecting that one final design you want your hands to be the host to.

Our advice to you would always be in favour of booking your artists at an early stage so you do not have to let go of your favourites owing to the silly reasons like time and date non-availability or date clashes. Also, one major aspect to look for is that you avoid booking someone who resides far off because it may lead to an increase in your overall cost that may include their travelling charges.

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