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A warm and gracious welcome has no other equivalent and there is no denial to that. It is like half work done if your guests have their happy faces on when they first enter your wedding venue to the time, they bid goodbye. Our near and dear ones crazily wait for the wedding to happen and its our prior duty to acknowledge their emotions with the same affability. BTS absolutely realizes the value of delighted & contended guests and is truly composed to offer the best of its hospitality services in a manner that is unforgettable and distinctive since we believe that everybody who enters as guests leaves as friends.

In these times of modern and destination weddings, the functions are spread out across several days and it is almost impossible for the hosts to attend everyone personally. But since the Indian inside us is always ready for ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, we as event planners take extra care in welcoming all the guests as personally as you possibly would have. We step into your shoes and see that there remains nothing that may interrupt the experience of the guests and turn into a serious episode. Hospitality management is our forte and everyone at team BTS is pledged to give the guests an experience that is unmatchable.

What BTS Includes In Their Hospitality Services

Guest Pickup & Drop is a service that is expected to be the most proper at all times to ensure that the guests do not have to wait and reach to their desired locations in time. There are various modes through which the arrival of guests is planned i.e., by road, by air or by rail. Team BTS is dedicated towards providing on-time pickup and drop facilities at all stations by maintaining a list of guests arriving, re-grouping them on the basis of the time of their arrival/departure, taking timely updates from them if there is any change in their arrival or departure plans and ensuring that they have a comfortable travel TO and FRO. Taking care of all this by the client himself could land him in an uncomfortable situation that doesn’t give him time to enjoy at all. Therefore, we at BTS, make sure that the guest and the hosts, both enjoy their happy time without any complaints.

To ensure that all the functions are well-communicated to the guests, wedding collaterals should be crisp, on-time and clear. Wedding collateral includes wedding invites, program schedules, save the date cards and any other stationary related to the wedding. Their well-timed printing and placements are a must for the guests to enjoy hassle free communication and invitation.

There are often times that some or may be all of the functions at the wedding are ought to happen in a different hotel from where the majority of guests are staying. Providing timely commute in luxury and comfortable cars is the job of your event planner and we take the full responsibility of this. Also, some properties are so huge that venues for the functions are not at a walkable distance and vehicles are needed for the same which is again the duty of the event planner and Team BTS is determined to not make you wait at all.

With wedding functions, comes great responsibility. Even though you handover everything to your wedding planner and have nothing to take care of, there are still certain things your parents and closed ones are accountable for. To handle those responsibility, enjoy the function to the fullest and carry those heavy dresses all at once is quite cumbersome. To ease down these pain areas, there is a shadow service available under which all the main members and bride groom are appointed a team member from the wedding planning team who is available with them 24*7 and acts just like your shadow. He/she will take care of all your belongings and everything you would want to help you enjoy the wedding better. Moreover, you can also appoint a shadow for any VIP Guests coming for your wedding.

Lodging remains the most important aspect of guest satisfaction. All the travel fatigue could shoo away within seconds if your room looks pretty. Since the living chamber becomes the home of the guests for around 2 to 3 days, proper accommodation is a mandatory thing to be looked out for. All the major complaints from the guests are related to aspects like unclean rooms, mismanaged air-conditions, poor water supplies etc. These niche things are well handled by professionals since they are into the business and know which hotels to opt for. Also, if the guestlist is big enough to be not accommodated in single hotel, event planners adjust the guests in nearby hotels that are best suitable and readily available. Also, it can help you save certain costs since there are tie-ups with hotels.

Troubles always come uninvited and handling them professionally is what our 24*7 hospitality team does. From helping you in check-ins to distributing room hampers, from greeting you to fulfilling any basic necessities your room lacks, from reminder calls to first assistance, they are there for you all the time.

It feels so bad to miss a function due to some miscommunication even after being present at the wedding venue. To avoid this FOMO and make sure that you attend each and every moment of the wedding, the on-ground event planning team engages into timely call reminders to each and every guest in order to coordinate and look out for any misperceptions.

Even after giving due care to everything, there are certain things that can be worked upon only when the wedding starts. One such thing is the coordination and understanding between the client and the venue owners. Team BTS bridges the gap between these two to ensure smooth functioning of the events. Also, our on-site team takes the full responsibility of the security of all guests with its strong backup planning and management.

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