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India is a rendered place for a new beginning for couples. As the two souls get a chance to start their Love Journey from such a romantic country. Behind The Scene is the best destination wedding planner in India for plane your dream wedding destination. And India offers many exotic destination wedding places and that’s the reason why Destination weddings in India Are famous all around the world. 

Destination weddings in India are on the rise in recent years. Because there are many historical significance and cultural values tied to the destination wedding locations in India. 

Have you ever wondered Why destination weddings in India are so graceful? The reason is destination wedding planners of India. Destination wedding planners are like the soul of Indian weddings. As we know what a couple expects from their weddings. Our Years of experience Made us capable of turning every wedding into a royal memorable wedding. 

Wedding Destinations in India

Those couples need a wedding planner: Who are professionals and can’t skip their work to pay attention to every detail 24*7 for upcoming 6 months. Who wants a fairytale wedding at a dream destination, but dread to think about the big chores of venue selections. Who are deadline oriented but are way behind their checklists and schedules. Who feel overwhelmed when it comes to décor, henna, rentals, caterers, music, and gifts and so on.

When a couple decides to have a destination wedding in India The first thought that comes to mind is to hire the best destination wedding planner in India. And we’re proud that our company behind the scene is recognised as one of the best destination wedding planners in India. We work closely with the couples and customize their dream wedding and event into something they’ll cherish forever.

Planning a destination wedding can be a daunting and stressful process. But you won’t have to deal with all the stress associated with planning a wedding. As our team will take care of the nitty gritty details so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your ceremonies. 

Our top-notch Indian destination wedding planner works hard to ensure that everything goes according to plan – from venue selection to floral arrangements.

With years of experience in planning Destination Wedding in India, Our Destination Wedding Planners has a strong network of relationships with incredible vendors throughout the country. We pride ourselves on our creativity, attention to detail and the quality of service that we provide our clients.

Cost of Destination Wedding in India

Wedding bells are ringing and the champagne is flowing. What a day to remember…right? But the question what is the Cost of Destination Wedding in India is bothering you. 

However the answer for this question is there are many factors that decide the cost of a destination wedding in India. The cost of a destination wedding in India can vary widely depending on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Do you want a small intimate affair, or a larger celebration? What do you want included? How many guests will be traveling? While it is possible to have a lavish affair with all the bells and whistles at an affordable rate.

Destination Wedding Package in India

The couples like you who have decided on a Destination Wedding in India look for the best Destination Wedding Packages. As Every couple wants their destination wedding to be memorable and when you travel to such wonderful places with your better half there is nothing better than making memories that will last forever.

So, Now No more searching for hours on google or calling up different vendors to get quotes. As we will be providing the best destination wedding package in India

Wedding Destinations in India - Places for destination wedding in india

India is one of the most favored wedding destinations for couples. Because the fabulous and magnificent scenery of the places provide the perfect backdrop for the Wedding Pictures. 

For everyone who wishes to have an Indian Destination Wedding, here are some of the most beautiful and best destination wedding locations in India.

Weddings on Beaches

Gorgeous sunset over the ocean, A calm breeze over the sandy beaches. Dream beach weddings are very romantic. These Beach weddings can take place at the shore or in a resort or hotel on the beach.

The beach is a relaxed, carefree environment – so why not reflect that in your wedding?

Destinations for Beach Wedding in India:

Besides being a major holiday destination, Goa's famous beaches and scenic landscape make it a perfect destination to get married.
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Kerala's diverse culture and scenic beauty make it an ideal destination for destination weddings in India. It offers an exotic feel of greenery, waterfalls and rainforest which can satisfy your desire to have a fairy tale wedding.
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Mount Abu
Mount Abu is one of the most exotic places and the most beautiful in Rajasthan. Its picturesque landscape and magnificent views from the top of the hill make it an ideal wedding destination in India.
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Lush green meadows, hills and valleys can turn your marriage ceremony into more romantic ones. This hill station on the foothills of Himalayas is indeed a treat to both your eyes and soul.
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The city is nestled in the lap of snow-capped Himalayas. Our destination wedding planner in India will make your dream wedding come true.
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Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett is an ideal for those whose dream destination is to get married amidst nature.
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Mountain Wedddings

The Indian nation offers a portion of the world’s best mountain wedding scenes which are encircled by mountains and furthermore the most wonderful greenery. Mountain wedding in India is fresh out of the box new thought. A portion of the pleasant scenes of India is situated on the slopes encompassed utilizing broad greeneries and greenery.

Destinations for Mountain Wedding in India:

Royal Weddings

A wedding ceremony is organized by its decoration, its services, and the hospitality of guests. A wedding ceremony is considered remarkable when couples truly enjoy the magical memorable moments of their wedding day and along with them, the most important is the satisfaction and contentment level of the guests that are becoming the part of the wedding ceremony. The main important responsibility of the wedding family is to host the wedding and to take care of the hospitality services.

Destinations for Royal Wedding in India:

When it comes to royalty This city always remains at the top of the list. And the royal style traditional Indian weddings that take place at Udaipur are known for their richness. Udaipur is a princely state and its beauty lies in its lakes and hills. And we must say that Udaipur is the best place to pick for your destination wedding in India.
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The list of best destination wedding places in India will remain incomplete if we forget to mention this Royal city Jaipur. Since it’s a place where Tradition and Modernity are intertwined to give the finest touch to your wedding. The Royal Havelis, Palaces and resorts give a few thousand reasons to get married in this city.
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Royal Indian weddings at Jodhpur are always magical. If you are planning to get married in this Blue City then get ready for the big fat Indian wedding. From celebrities to a common man, weddings at Jodhpur are like a dream come true. The city is flooded with the beautiful palaces which are indeed A symbol of royalty and opulence.
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When we hear the name Jaisalmer a beautiful picture of Rajasthan pops up in our minds. This beautiful golden city of Rajasthan is one of the oldest cities. And for obvious reasons nothing can be more loyal than a wedding at Jaisalmer. The richness of this city will take your Breath Away. It's the best place to cherish your memories for a lifetime.
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It will be a privilege for your guest to witness your royal wedding at Ranakpur. The splendid Royal weddings that take place at Ranakpur is itself a treat for guests. Though Ranakpur is a small village, the authenticity of this place will make your wedding the most Royal wedding.
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Kumbhalgarh is known as the most beautiful destination wedding place in Rajasthan. The Majestic beauty of Kumbhalgarh Palace with the mesmerizing scenic beauty Makes it a perfect place to get married.
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Bali is a perfect destination for an International wedding. This beautiful exotic Island Always remains in the list of couples where they can tie a knot.
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Destination Weddings in Dubai are famous all around the world. The breathtaking skyline and magnificent lifestyle make it the ideal venue for a celebration of love, a wedding.
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Abu Dhabi
Wedding at Abu Dhabi is like a dream wedding. The architect of the beautiful hotels will give a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures.
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International Weddings

Are you looking for a perfect traditional International wedding? Then you don’t have to waste your time in searching for a perfect guide as our destination wedding planner in India Can assist you. They Can help you in planning your wedding. 

So let’s take a look at a list of places where we can plan your International wedding.

Destinations for International Weddings:


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    4. Jaiselmer
    5. Ranakpur
    6. Mount Abu
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