Cost of Destination Wedding in Trident Udaipur

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Trident Udaipur Cost?

Hey, bride and groom-to-be! Are you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding at the Trident Udaipur? Then let me tell you that your wedding will be an unforgettable bash full of magic and love. You will be exchanging vows with the scenic beauty of  Lake Pichola and the majestic Aravalli Mountains. The beautiful gardens and intricate architecture of the hotel make it different from other hotels in Udaipur.  From the gorgeous decorations to the delicious food your big day will be pure magic. You can pamper your guests with regal and comfortable accommodation. So let your love story come alive at this perfect hotel, where every moment will give you a feel of precious memory.  And make your wedding an unforgettable event for your guests as well. So, come and soak in the luxury and romance at this gem of Udaipur. 

Cost Of The Wedding At Trident Udaipur

The cost of getting married at Trident Udaipur is like a beautiful blend of love and luxury, where every little thing comes together to make a fantastic celebration. The stunning decorations, the delicious food, and every tiny detail are all thoughtfully put together to ensure your big day is unforgettable. The backdrop of the Aravalli Mountains adds a special touch to your wedding ceremony, with lush gardens and sparkling waters creating a dreamy atmosphere. The luxurious rooms and amenities will make your stay at Trident Udaipur feel like a fairytale. It’s a magical place where love is in the air, and every moment feels so special and precious. Make memories that will last a lifetime in this enchanting setting. 

Bried Breakdown Of destination wedding at Trident Udaipur

The majestic Trident Udaipur is a synonym of luxury, it’s beautiful architecture and decor speak all about royal elegance. Lush gardens filled with colorful flowers tell romantic stories. Each room of the Trident is luxurious and offers its guests a cozy and sophisticated escape from the hustles of the world. From the extravagant dining halls serving delicious feasts to the peaceful courtyards with dancing fountains, every corner of Trident Udaipur seeps a timeless beauty and grace that is fit for kings and queens.

1. Accommodation

The accommodation at Trident Udaipur is a luxurious event, and the price is worth it as it will give a regal experience inside four walls. The interior exudes opulence and elegance, with intricate Rajasthani designs adorning every corner of the room.
The rooms are spacious with furnishings and modern amenities, perfect for royalty. The soft linen beckons will make you sink into the cozy world. So get ready for ultimate at Trident Udaipur. 

Rooms CategoriesNu. of RoomsRooms Price
Deluxe Aravali view room3030,000
Deluxe Garden view room5030,000
Deluxe Pool view room5930,000

2. Food Expenses

The food at Trident Udaipur for a wedding is nothing but a short delicious treat. From appetizers to dessert every dish is made with love and care. And the chefs show their art by blending traditional Indian spices with other flavors in contemporary techniques. Hence every bite will just burst the aromas in your mouth. This delightful treat will give a luxurious and elegant experience to all your guests.

  • Lunch – 5000
  • Hi-tea – 2500
  • Dinner- 7000

Miscellaneous expenses

Weddings are incomplete without decorations, music make up etc.  Hence it is very important to consider other areas as well while finalizing the budget of your wedding. So do take a look at the cost of miscellaneous expenses. 

1. Decor

Wedding decor are very important for creating a fairytale-like ambiance in your wedding. The pink and ivory sheets of floral arrangement will create a true dream atmosphere that will spread magic amongst your guests. Crystal chandeliers will glow up every corner of Trident Udaipur. And of course, the magnificent and stunning stage where you will exchange your promises Will be crafted from fresh greenery. 

So now if we talk about the cost of decorations then it will be Rs. 3000000/- for four functions. It can go beyond this depending upon your demands. 

2.  Makeup and Mehndi

Every stroke of eyeliner and Hina tells the story of love and division between two souls. The blusher strokes will enhance the overall glow of the brands. And no bride wants to compromise with her make up and mehendi. An Indian wedding holds a special space for the mehendi ceremony. And it’s more than just an expense as it becomes an everlasting experience of love and commitment. 

So the cost of making a bride a queen is Rs.15,000 for makeup and Rs. 5000 for mehendi per person. 

3. Photography

The beauty of a wedding at Trident can’t be expressed in words. The pictures will capture the true essence of love and commitment. The camera lens is a way to showcase the connection between two hearts. Each photo is a work of art sharing a story of everlasting romance. Every click enlightens and charms emotions and memories into a canvas of romance and magnificence. The charges of photography Start From 700000/- With 7 to 8 Pax Team. So let the team weave emotions and memories for you. With every shot, whispering tales of passion and joy that will echo through eternity.

4. Flok Artists

The Flok Artists capture the stage with their amazing grace and magnificent moves. Every group member showcases their move smoothly and syncs perfectly with the traditional music. Their beautiful dance moves tell the tale of love, passion, and Rajasthani tradition. The cost of a Folk artist starts from 25000/- With 5 Pax Team. 

5. Sound and DJ

The sound and DJ at Trident will sweep across the grand halls, filling every corner with energy and rhythmic beats. The vibrant melodies of music will enchant all your guests. Flashing lights, booming bass, and killer mixes will make all guests go wild. And every song played by the DJ will add an electric atmosphere of love and celebration. And the crystal clear sound system will give the feel of a live concert. And cots of sound Start From Rs. 500000/-  & 40000 Per Show Of DJ

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At The Trident Udaipur

1. Does Hotel Trident Udaipur provide in-house catering and bar services?

Yes, they do provide in-house catering and bar services.

2. How much does a wedding at The Trident Udaipur cost?

A two-day wedding at Hotel Trident Udaipur can cost anywhere between 1.5 cr. to 2 cr.

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