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How Much Destination Wedding in Taj Fateh Prakash Costs? All about Taj Fateh Prakash Palace Wedding

Planning a destination wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash? We know one thing for sure that it will be an exciting, life-changing experience for you and your partner. As you will get a chance to celebrate your love for each other in an exotic and beautiful place. In this blog, you will find Taj Fateh Prakash Wedding Cost and all about Destination Wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash Palace Udaipur.

But it can be tough on the nerves if you do not get the actual and detailed information of the Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur wedding cost. But not to worry as we will provide you with all the detailed information which you are looking for in just a single blog. Before we move towards the detailed information let us know that the total cost of a wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash will be around 1 Cr. The photoshoot number is slightly high for obvious reasons as it is the “Taj hotel brand.” And the brand is famous for its warm hospitality and royalty. 

We know very well that when it comes to the wedding, you can not compromise on anything. From wedding decoration to makeup you want everything to be outstanding. So wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash is the righteous decision as it is a perfect fit for all the wedding ceremonies. It allows you to combine the romance of a traditional ceremony with an exotic location. The Palace attracts many couples from all around the world due to its beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

Total Taj Fateh Prakash Wedding Cost

Time to take you to the point which you are looking for which is all the expenses in detail. The wedding cost can quickly skyrocket if you decide to go for a destination wedding in Taj Fateh Prakash. As it is one of the most prestigious palaces of Udaipur.  For an estimated list of 200 guests, the weddings at Taj Fateh Prakash palace will cost you around 80Lakhs – 1Crore. This includes accommodation and all meals for 2 days. Other things like Wedding planners, wedding decor, artist, makeup, Mehendi, logistics will cost between 30-50 Lakh (average price). 

Let’s calculate all costs in depth. How Much Destination Wedding in Taj Fateh Prakash Costs?

wedding package for taj Fatehprakash

Wedding Food Expenses cost at Taj Fateh Prakash

Food expenses can make up the largest portion of your total expenditure when planning your wedding. When you book the Taj Fateh Prakash Palace, you should know how much the food expenses will cost. The food at a Taj Fateh Prakash Palace usually costs more than the food at other hotels. Reason “Taj” the name is enough.

Meal TypePrice
LunchRs.9500+18% GST
DinnerRs.12,500+18% GST
Hi-TeaRs.5000+18% GST
Soft Beverages for LunchRs.1000+18% GST
Soft Beverages for DinnerRs.1250+18% GST

Note: The food expenses are included in the above-mentioned estimated chargers.

taj fateh prakash lunch and dinner price for wedding


You have to spend the maximum on the accommodation. As you wish to give the most luxurious experience to your guests. And yes, Taj Fateh Prakash Palace knows this very well and provides you and your guests with all the elegant settings and services you need. It has everything that you would need to give a memorable stay to your guests. There are 65 rooms and are categorized into six categories, which are as follows

  • Palace Room
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Luxury Suite
  • Luxury Suite with Sit Out
  • Grand Luxury Suite
  • Royal Suite
Room Charges for Wedding in Taj Fateh PrakashRs.32,000 to Rs.130,000

Note: The accommodation charges are included in the above-mentioned estimated chargers.

room price for weddings at Taj Fatehprakash

Venue Charges

Taj Fateh Prakash Palace is Udaipur’s premier venue for wedding celebrations. And the Palace can host events and offers wedding services for a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 350 guests. 

Whether you want an intimate close wedding with your loved one or you want a grand wedding The Taj Fateh Prakash Palace is an idyllic setting to get hitched with the love of your life. 

  • Durbar Hall Sabhaghar
  • Durbar Hall Satkar
  • Jagmandir

There is no such venue cost at Taj Fateh Prakash Palace.

Wedding Decor

Coming to everyone’s favourite part, that is wedding decoration. Wedding decoration just tries to blend the colours of love with the colours of royalty. It is not just a decoration, it is a canvas of your love story which stays with you forever in pictures.  

The Taj Fateh Prakash hotel is an expert in organizing exquisite wedding decorations. They make sure that each piece of the decor must be not only functional but also beautiful to match the luxury of the exclusive hotel. 

The wedding decoration includes sculpted floral, gorgeous drapes, crystal chandeliers, ornate mirrors, and much more. 

If we calculate the Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur wedding decoration cost then it will be between 25-40 Lakhs for all wedding functions. It can go higher and lower according to décor choice.

Wedding decoration includes the decoration of Stage, Mandap, reception, and other wedding ceremonies to your theme color-based Mehendi and Haldi decoration. 

Note: These charges are not included in the above-mentioned estimated charges.

Makeup and Mehndi Cost

We understand better how important your wedding day is and how much you want to make your day special, as you have been dreaming about it for a long time. And we also know that now you must be worried about how your dresses and makeup will look together. And how much a makeup artist will charge. So, to take your load off we are here with all the answers to your questions. 

A good Makeup artist of Udaipur will charge you around Rs.10,000 – 25,0000 for bridal makeup. 

Moving on to your Mehndi ceremony we know it’s fun for you and your guests. So Miss bride to start selecting the latest mehndi design as the mehndi artists in Udaipur are experts in they know how to make a fusion of trendy and traditional designs. Coming on to the price of mehndi which is around Rs.5000 for bridal mehndi and guests mehndi is Rs.2500 for 3 hours

Photography Cost

It is very important to capture every moment of your wedding. From capturing your Mehendi-clad hands pictures to bridal pictures you can not miss on any of them. A wedding photo shoot is very important as these pictures depict your love and become a memory for a lifetime. And when your wedding venue is Taj Fateh Prakash you will Love to pose at every corner of the palace. So, let’s check how much a photographer will charge you for your wedding photography. 

At Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur wedding photography cost will be around Rs.3,00,000 – Rs.6,00,000

Folk Artists

When you plan your destination wedding in Rajasthan how can you forget to invite amazing folk artists of Rajasthan to entertain our guests? These folk artists have the amazing talent of singing and dancing on the Rajasthani Folk music and songs. The group of folk artists will give a traditional Rajasthani touch to your wedding. So do not forget to add the cost of a folk artist in your Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur wedding cost which is Rs.15,000 – Rs.25,000 for a group of 5-7 people.

Logistics and Transport Cost

As you and your family will be very busy with your wedding ceremonies, it will be hard for you to pick and drop your guests from the airport and station. So to solve that problem we have a logistics and transport crew, who will help you in taking care of your guest pick and drop services. And the logistic team will be at your service for 12 hrs.  

Airport Pickup & DropRs.1800
Railway Station Pickup & DropRs.1800
Full-Day Hire (12 Hours)Rs.4000

DJ & Sound System

Your grand wedding ceremony is always insubstantial without a super cool and rocking DJ. With his music, he will make you and your guests go “Balle-Balle.” And Indian weddings are incomplete without the DJ and his sound system. 

So let’s take a look at how much a DJ player will charge for a function in Udaipur. So, it’s around 10,000 – 15,000 per function of your wedding. And if you will hire a DJ artist for all the wedding ceremonies, it will charge around 5,00,000-10,00,000. This amount includes your sound system as well as your DJ artist charge.

Other Expenses

Weddings and expenses are interlinked and it’s better to be ready with extra cash to avoid the last-minute hassle. The Taj Fateh Prakash wedding cost can go slightly up if you demand other services.

Things to keep in mind while planning a wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash.

There are no indoor venues with a lot of occupancies. So there are limited options for the venue. But you can pick the outdoor venues which are marvellous.

About Taj Fateh Prakash Palace (Architecture, Services, etc)

The Taj Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur is a part of Udaipur’s heritage. It was built in the 19th century by Maharana Fateh Singh.  And the charm in the city comes from places like Taj Fateh Prakash Palace. 

Of course, the place offers an elegant venue for your dream wedding. Its beautiful outdoor venue sits on a stunning waterfront overlooking Lake Pichola and is surrounded by elegant gardens and fountains. And the large windows of the stately lounge allow plenty of natural sunlight which adds to the overall splendour of the venue. Its Award-winning restaurant, swimming pool and spa makes the palace even more royal.

You must know the fact that the Taj Fateh Prakash welcomes their guests in vintage cars. So it will be a new experience for you and your guests. And there is no doubt that the services of the hotel are outstanding and will give the most luxurious experience to your guests.

destination wedding in Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur
Taj Fatehprakash udaipur architecture
Taj Fateh prakash Udaipur marriage
udaipur fateh prakash palace wedding cost
How much is the Taj Fateh Prakash Palace room price for a wedding?

Taj Fateh Prakash’s room price for a wedding will vary between Rs.32,000 to Rs.1,30,000 for a room. There are 65 rooms and are categorized into 6 categories.

What is the Taj Fateh Prakash lunch and dinner price for weddings?

At Taj Fateh Prakash chefs are known for preparing their recommended special dishes. Therefore your guests can enjoy delicious lunch and dinner. Lunch for a person costs Rs.9,500 plus taxes. Hi-tea costs Rs.5000 plus taxes. Dinner for a person costs ₹12,500 plus taxes.

How Much does a Taj Fateh Prakash wedding cost for 2 days?

Taj Fateh Prakash Udaipur’s wedding cost will be around 1Cr for 2 days. And we know you ignore the numbers when it comes to your dream wedding. So, get ready to get a feel of the queen by getting married at Taj Fateh Prakash Palace.

How many rooms does Taj Fateh Prakash have?

Taj Fateh Prakash has 65 luxurious rooms and suites with authentic vintage interiors.

Should I have to book all rooms if I am planning my wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash?

Yes, You have to book all the rooms if you plan your wedding at Taj Fateh Prakash. As you will get a hold of the whole palace and you will get a chance to enjoy your privacy. If you are planning an intimate wedding you can deal for limited rooms with Hotel

Does Behind the scene provide any package for weddings at Taj Fateh Prakash?

Yes, Behind the scene will provide you with amazing packages for weddings at Taj Fateh Prakash, as behind the scene is the best wedding planner in Udaipur and has experience of many years.

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