How much does a destination wedding in the Chomu Palace, Jaipur cost?

Standing tall amidst the royal city of Rajasthan – Jaipur is the Chomu Palace Resort. With its grand heritage, ancient charm, and royal, regal look, this former Chomugarh Mahal built by King Thakur Karan Singh is easily one of the most sought-after wedding destinations. This opulent palace of 300 years has been the epitome of ancient roots and modernity and turned out to be the most breathtaking wedding destination in the pink city of Jaipur. Chomu Palace Resort with its amazing hospitality and magnificent views could be the perfect location for your fairy tale wedding. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to plan your Destination wedding at Chomu Palace Resort. Everything from the total expenses of the wedding to the different venues available to you and any additional expenses would all be listed. With this information in hand, we are sure that you will be ready to plan your memorable and mesmerizing wedding at Chomu Palace

Chomu palace Jaipur

Cost of the wedding at The Chomu Palace Resort

The Chomu Palace resort with its alluring looks has been a crowd favorite in Jaipur. The amazing venues of the resort are perfect for conducting all the different wedding festivities. A two-day wedding at Chomu Palace resort can cost anywhere between 1.2 crores to 1.6 crores. This is inclusive of accommodation, meals, and venue. The resort has 100 rooms with different variants for you and your guests to choose from and this adds the guest capacity to a rough 250. The sprawling area of the resort is sure to catch the eyes of you and your guests with its amazing views, decor, and heritage. This elegantly fortified resort is sure to add a royal look and feel to your wedding festivities.

An extensive breakdown of the Chomu Palace Resort expenses

Exquisite and thorough planning of every detail is a prerequisite of any wedding. We at behind the scenes that. So, in this section of the blog, we bring you a detailed breakdown of all the different expenses that you will have to pay when planning a wedding at the Chomu Palace Heritage Resort.

1. Accommodation

Weddings are a time of utmost joy but also days filled with festivities and food. It’s only natural to get tired after a day-long of wedding rituals and festivities. So having a perfect accommodation and the feeling of comfort is necessary. With the different rooms that Chomu Palace Resort has to offer, your guests are sure to enjoy, and experience royalty with an ample hint of comfort. Out of 100 rooms, the different categories of rooms include – Palace Suite, Royal Suite, Historic Suite, Maharani Suite, and Maharaja Suite. You get to pick your choice of rooms from these variants.

  • Palace Suite Rooms – INR 10000 +18% Taxes
  • Royal Suite Rooms – INR 13000 + 18% Taxes
  • Historic Suites – INR 15000 + 18% Taxes
  • Royal Suite Rooms – INR 13000 + 18% Taxes
  • Historic Suites – INR 15000 + 18% Taxes

2. Food expenses

What is an Indian wedding without a delicious array of food? The flavors, drinks, and sweets for all the guests are the pivotal part of any wedding. Weddings often become the talk of the town because of delectable cuisines and tastes. The Chomu Palace resort catering provides you with varied cuisines to choose from. The resort has four different restaurant options too – Swarn Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Rang Mahal, and Darbar Hall. The resort includes breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner.

  • Breakfast – INR 1000 + 18% Taxes
  • Lunch – INR 2500 + 18% Taxes
  • Hi- Tea – INR 1500 + 18% Taxes
  • Dinner – INR 3000 + 18% Taxes

3. Venue 

Chomu Palace Resort has different venues and areas for your guests and you to have a memorable wedding experience. You can have different wedding rituals in different locations for your amazing pictures and photographs. Each venue has a fresh loom and décor adding more colour and joy into the wedding festivity. The resort showcases some of the most breathtaking and opulent venues there is. Every festivity of the wedding will now become memorable and alluring. 

Venue and capacity

VenueGuest CapacityDimensions (Sq Feet)
Manthrana (Banquet Hall)4005200
Manoharpole Garden (Front Lawn)40011000
Mani Chowk (Main Courtyard)40012000
Rawla Courtyard (Female Courtyard)1002500
Chattis Dari with terrace1002500
Char Bagh (back Lawn)30010000
Pool side1001500
Darbar Hall (All day dining area)1201500
Pratishtha (Terrace)300800
Chomu Palace Jaipur

Additional services that help add color to the wedding

1. Decor

The Décor of any wedding is the one that makes or breaks a day. Visually appealing décor and a theme is always a showstopper. You can choose your theme, colors, and entire mood board for the wedding because as they say “weddings happen in heaven”, why not create a heaven on earth for the same? The packages for this service are dependent on your choices and needs. The approximate cost for the décor would be INR 3500000 for four functions.

2. Makeup and Mehendi

You would want to look the absolute best for your wedding. And without a makeup artist or mehendi artist that is just incomplete. So, we provide you with customized packages for makeup and mehendi depending on the artists you choose. You also get to choose different artists for the bride, groom, and family members. This could add up to better pricing for sure. The cost of makeup starts from INR 150000 and INR 5000 for mehendi depending on the artist you choose.

3. Photography

The memorable moments need to be captured at heart and also in pictures. It’s through those pictures that you can travel back in time to this beautiful day. An experienced wedding photographer is the need of the hour in any and every wedding. Our wedding photographer would sit with you and understand your needs, and themes and catch a glimpse of your amazing fairy tale wedding accordingly. This service is also customizable. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 600000 + Taxes for a team of 8 members.

4. Folk artists

What is better than a folk artist performance to go perfectly with the regal backdrop of Chomu Palace? We have often noticed that brides and grooms now choose folk artists and their performances at their weddings. It pairs well with the environment and also adds a musical touch to the night. Any event be it singing, dancing, or cultural performances, this is sure to add more colors to your wedding. You can have an alluring and magnificent folk artist performance now. The rough cost of approximation starts from INR 25000 for a team of 5 artists.

5. Sound and DJ setup

A wedding is incomplete without shaking your legs to some amazing music. DJ and a good sound system is not something you can miss on. The DJ could play the music you choose and set it according to the wedding theme. This addition is sure to take your wedding festivities to a notch higher. The rough cost of approximation for a professional sound setup starts from INR 400000 + Taxes and for the DJ it’s per show INR 40000.

Chomu Palace Jaipur

Why Choose the Chomu Palace Resort for Your Wedding?

Jaipur, the pink city is becoming a popular spot for destination weddings. With regal forts and amazing views, the area has varied resorts that can host memorable weddings. The Chomu Palace fort however stands tall in the list. The ambiance, look, experience, and hospitality are just unparalleled. What is the uniqueness of the Chomu Palace resort you ask?

  • Regal look: This gem of a resort in Jaipur is indeed timeless and with its opulent architecture and heritage gives off a royal look.  
  • Varied Venues: The amazing venues they have for every festivity are sure to leave everyone speechless. It’s mesmerizing and instaworthy.
  • True to culture: The resort stays true to its roots and you get to enjoy the royal Rajasthani culture in anything and everything.
  • Alluring Backdrops: The grand architecture, lighting, and décor of the timeless fort catapult you back in time and add a historic vibe to the wedding festivities.  
  • Well-connected: : The Chomu Palace resort is easily accessible by road and other ways making it easy for your guests to reach the spot.  

If a mesmerizing and breathtaking wedding is what you have in mind, contact us today. Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At Chomu Palace, Jaipur

1. How many rooms are there in Chomu Palace Jaipur?

The hotel boasts a total of 100 elegantly appointed rooms, each designed to exude a sense of luxury and comfort.

2. How much does a destination wedding in Jaipur palace cost?

A two-day wedding at Chomu Palace resort can cost anywhere between 1.2 crores to 1.6 crores. This is inclusive of accommodation, meals, and venue.

3. Should I have to book all rooms if I am planning my wedding at Chomu Palace Palace?

It is recommended to book all the rooms but if you choose otherwise, you are still welcome.

4. Is the price of Chomu Palace varying according to season?

Chomu Palace is generally fully booked during the peak season but you may get discounted prices during the off season.

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