How Much Does A Destination Wedding In The Raas Devigarh, Udaipur Cost?

Hey Lovebirds, Looking at Raas Devigarh, Udaipur as your dream destination wedding venue. Eager to know how much it costs and how many guests it can accommodate, Raas Devigarh is a lovely palace situated near the Eklingji temple Delwara in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It has a calm ambiance and aura, perfect for a dreamy wedding. The palace has enormous space to accommodate all kinds of wedding events. And the breathtaking backdrop with its intricate architecture and lush gardens spreads the magic all around. 

Raas Devigarh Wedding Cost

Hence, a wedding at Raas Devigarh will cost you between 90Lakhs to 1.2CR. but it will be like a fairytale coming to life. At every step, you and your guests will be greeted with luxury and elegance. From intimate gatherings to a grand ceremony, the team goes above and beyond to make your dreams a reality. 

With stunning and captivating decor, gourmet cuisine, and luxurious accommodations, no stone is left unturned in creating the perfect wedding for you. Raas Devigarh truly sets the stage for a magical wedding experience like no other.

Read the blog till the end because we have included minute details of the wedding at Raas Devigarh.  

History of Raas Devigarh

The Raas Devigarh holds a rich past and it transformed from a old royal fort into a luxurious hotel. Thats why it’s a perfect blend of old charm with modern comfort. The walls of the palace are crafted with the tales of bravery and power of Rajrana Sajja Singh. But thanks to modern architect that gave a second life to this old heritage.

The grand courtyards speak of ancient kings, and the luxurious suites blend comfort with tradition seamlessly. When you step inside Raas Devigarh, you feel the presence of royalty. Everywhere you look, you feel the weight of history, a reminder that you are walking on ground steeped in history.

Cost of the wedding at the Raas Devigarh, Udaipur

The overall cost of a wedding at Raas Devigarh will drop between 90 lakhs to 1.2cr for a two-day celebration. In this you will get all the top-notch service, and all the luxurious extras, that you crave of for your big day. From gorgeous decoration to gourmet dishes. So let’s dig out all the prices in detail that will make a cherished memory for you and your dear ones.
And every nook of your wedding will turn into a fairytale scene. And for sure you and your guests will have a magical time. A wedding at Raas Devigarh is not like a normal celebration – it will be a jaw-dropping experience that’ll blow everyone’s minds. 

A Detailed breakout of the expenses at Raas Devigarh

1. Accommodation

Luxury and extravagance are other names of Rass Devigarh. Where every little thing makes an unforgettable time for your guests. In all, there are 42 rooms that can house up to 100 guests. Hence you do not have ti worry about space and comfort. The staff will provide ultimate pampering to your guests. The peaceful vibe makes it a perfect place for your wedding away from the daily hustle. Each room is designed carefully to cater to comfort and luxury.

Management Room 317,000 INR
Garden Suite1730,000 INR
Palace Suite640,000 INR
 Aravali Suite1445,000 INR
 Devigarh Complex11,15,000 INR

2. Venues 

Raas Devigarh has prime wedding venues that are ideal for a royal celebration. From the Garden Lawn to indoor Halls each and every venue has its own beauty. If you are planning an outdoor event, a beautiful green flowery backdrop will be ideal for saying your vows. And on the other hand, the Reception Lawn is full of luxury, with sparkling chandeliers to give a perfect royal look to your wedding. The Main Lawn is grand enough, for large gatherings. And of course, the Pool Deck catches the eyes of every couple where they can tie the knot by the water under the open sky. And it creates a magical atmosphere full of elegance and charm, ensuring that every moment at Raas Devigarh is truly unforgettable.

Garden Lawn80 – 100Mehndi/Haldi/Sangeet
Reception lawn120-150Reception/Wedding
Main lawn100-120Welcome Dinner/Mehndi/Haldi
Pool Deck100Pool Party/Carnival

3. Food Expenses

For fancy parties, a super fancy meal is very important that fit for royals. And we all try to keep our guests happy and satisfied when it comes to food. But you do not have to worry as at Raas Devigarh the special team of chef will serve the best cuisines from lunch to dinner. Let’s take a look at the food expense breakdown. However you might think it’s a bit much, but at Raas Devigarh they believe only the best food should be on our tables.

  • Lunch-  5000 + 18% Taxes
  • Hi-Tea – 3000 + 18% Taxes
  • Dinner- 6000 + 18% Taxes

A wedding is incomplete without these miscellaneous services

1. Decoration

You can expect a grand and luxuriouswedding setup at Raas Devigarh. The team pays attention to every small detail, from the dhol wali entry entrance to the beautiful mandap. They know how to make a fairy tale. The decoration cost starts at 3000000/- for four events. So get ready to Picture yourself walking through a decorated corridor smelling sweet flowery and twinkling lights. The detailed decoration as you imagine with vibrant color schemes will surely make you and your guests feel like you’re in a world of pure love and magic. From a cozy mehendi function or a lavish reception, Raas Devigarh is committed to going above and beyond to wow you with its stunning decoration.

2. Makeup and Mehndi

So bride-to-be you must definitely be looking at top-notch wedding makeup and mehendi services. You don’t have to worry about the makeup since the team of beauty artists will make you look like a queen. Whether you need makeup and saree styling, every detail is taken care of to give you a royal look for your big day. Our artists are skilled enough to guarantee every brushstroke and intricate design is executed with precision and artistry.

The cost of the elegant makeup starts at 150,000 rupees. And how we can forget the skilled artists who create magic with henna? The cost starts at 5,000 rupees per head. In a world where beauty reigns supreme, every detail must be perfect to achieve perfection.

3. Photography

The Rass Devigarh is another name for beauty where love satisfies luxury and wedding photography services are very important to capture such beauty. And the prices start at 700,000 rupees. The team of 7 to 8 talented photographers captures every magical romantic moment of your special day. The skilled photographer will capture everything from the smallest details of your decor to the tender glances exchanged between you and your partner. Each member brings a unique perspective and expertise, making sure that every angle is covered. 

4. Folk Artists

The amazing wedding Flok Artists spread traditional magic on the floor with their folk music and dance. And these artists never fail to impress and entertain the guests. However, all they cost is 25000/- may vary depending upon the number of artists. From vibrant traditional music to Rajasthani folk moves that will blow your mind. So get ready to blend in the world of beauty and create a royal atmosphere at your wedding. 

5.  Sound and DJ

The music and sound create a buzzing excitement among the guests. People often wait for the top-notch sound that will captivate everyone. The loud music in the hall wraps all the guests in a bubble of musical delight. And as the party started, the DJ took the spotlight, capturing everyone’s attention. Their expertise keeps the vibe upbeat and cheerful. And it all costs Rs 500000/- for Sound and 40000 per show for DJ services. However, this dynamic duo ensures that every wedding party feels as grand and special as a royal affair.

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At Raas Devigarh Udaipur

1. How much does a wedding at Raas Devigarh Udaipur cost?

So a wedding at Rass Devigarh Udaipur costs you somewhere between 90 lakhs to 1.2 crores. It may vary depending on your preferences and choices.

2. How many rooms in all are there at Rass Devigarh Udaipur?

 In all, there are 39 rooms at Raas Devigarh where you can accommodate Almost 80 to 100 guests.

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