Cost of Destination Wedding at Fateh Vilas Udaipur

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Fateh Vilas, Udaipur?

We can smell love in the air as you Are planning to take vows with your partner. And we know that you are planning a destination wedding at Fateh Vilas Udaipur. That’s why we have curated all the required things just for you in this one blog. That means you do not have to go here and there searching for details of the villas. 

So if we talk about Fateh Vilas Udaipur then it is a captivating and luxurious place where you can plan your dream wedding. This place has its own charm and magical atmosphere that will captivate all your guests with wonder and amazement. The shining bright candles with twinkling lights will spread romantic vibes in all your wedding ceremonies. And your destination wedding will be carefully planned and executed to make sure it becomes a true fairytale of your life. 

So let’s continue this blog and move forward and let’s talk about how Match the destination wedding at Fateh Vilas Udaipur will cost you. So it will cost you between 70, lakhs to 1 crore. So begins your journey of eternal love at Fateh Villas Udaipur.

Cost Of The Wedding At Fateh Villas, Udaipur

The destination wedding at Fateh Villas in Udaipur is perfect if You Are planning a wedding like a king or queen.  Every corner of the villas screams luxury and richness. From the gorgeous decorations to the comfy rooms your wedding will become complete fun. The price of throwing your dream wedding can be between 70 lakhs to 1 crore and it also depends upon how many people you are inviting.

Your guests will feel like royalty, soaking in the grandness of this gorgeous setting. A celebration at Fateh Villas is an investment in creating lifelong memories. Let’s take a look at all the price distributions in detail. 

1. Accommodation

The rooms of the Fateh villas are true luxury and opulence. From designer furniture to royal interior each room has its own language retreat for its guests. And your guests will truly experience royalty and comfort. Illuminating chandeliers in the rooms brighten up the room’s aura, and marble bathrooms with modern amenities will enhance your guests’ overall stay experience. The Royal Rajasthan interior will showcase the rich heritage of Rajasthan and its glory.

Room TypeNumbers of RoomsCost
Renaissance Room36Rs. 12000
Plunge Pool Suite19Rs. 16000
Family Suite7Rs. 18000
Plunge Pool Family Suite13Rs. 22000
Vilas Suite1Rs. 42000
Cost of Destination Wedding at Fateh Vilas Udaipur

2. Food Expenses

The wedding feast at Fateh Vilas Udaipur is like a treat! And your guests will feel like they are entering a new world of deliciousness. From fancy dishes to traditional delights every dish will leave its own mark. Each bite is like a party in your mouth, and its all because of t the top-notch chefs. The cost of food might be a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth it if you want to experience luxury.

  • Lunch – Rs. 2300 + Taxes
  • Hi-Tea – 800 + Taxes
  • Dinner – 3200 + Taxes
Cost of Destination Wedding at Fateh Vilas Udaipur

3. Decor

wedding decoration at Fateh Sagar is truly extravagant. Flowers, light, and drapes all together will create a romantic atmosphere at all your functions. The crystal chandelier hanging over your mandap adorned with fresh blooming flowers with a Rosy smell will give a sophisticated and vibrant touch to your wedding. Not only this but each table will be set to its best to give a true king-like feeling to all your guests. The overall cost of decoration starts from 3000000 for four functions. 

4. Makeup and Mehndi

wedding makeup and mehendi cannot be overstated as these two elements play a crucial role in enhancing the overall beauty of the bride. And it’s the dream of all the brides to look like a queen on their special days. The wedding makeup and mehendi create a flawless canvas for the bride that makes her look more radiant throughout all the celebrations. And together these two make the bride feel even more confident and beautiful. The cost of wedding makeup starts from Rs. 15,0000 and mehendi costs Rs. 5000/person. 

5. Photography

Wedding photographs are of utmost importance for any event as it captures the moment for life long. The moment you will exchange the vows this heartfelt moment will be captured in the lenses of top-notch photographers of the city. And the lush green majestic backdrops will spread the magic in your photographs. Every picture captured at this location will tell a unique love story and commitment. And the photography package starts from Rs.7,00,000. And a team of 7 to 8 photographers will be at your service to capture all the special and romantic moments. 

6. Folk Artists

The folk artists of Rajasthan are not only famous in India but even outside India. And their skills will showcase the richness of the Rajasthani heritage and their performance will mesmerize all your guests. Rajasthani folk music and its artistic moves will leave the essence of Rajasthan in all your functions. The cost will start from Rs. 25,000 and a group of 7 folk artists will come to your weddings and will leave all your guests in awe.

7. Sound and DJ

The cluster clear audio quality of the day will elevate the energy level in all your functions. Guests will move their bodies to the beats played by powerful speakers and cutting-edge mixers.  The booming bass with vibrant lights will give an unforgettable experience to all your guests. Sound and DJ services start from ₹50,000. And you can get a skilled DJ who will play transitional tracks for just ₹40,000 for an event.

FAQ About The Wedding Planning At The Fateh Vilas, Udaipur.

1. How much does a wedding at The Fateh Vilas Udaipur cost?

it will cost you between 70, lakhs to 1 crore. So begins your journey of eternal love at Fateh Villas Udaipur.

2. How many rooms in all are there at The Fateh Vilas Palace Udaipur?

There are 76 rooms in all, which can accommodate 120-150 guests.

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