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7 Shades Of Pink Which Are Absolute Stunner For The Bride!

If you’re done with the perpetual reds and golds and want to try out something extremely in vogue for your big day, then don’t worry, we got the best for you! Pink and its shades are completely ruling this year! Be it for your beach wedding in Goa or a royal wedding in Udaipur, PINK = SLAY! Nothing can stop you from being a stunner if you carry along with yourself these amazing and mesmerising hues of this color!

Here are our personal favs!

  1. Coral: This stunning combination of orange, peach and pink is perfect for your summer wedding!
  2. Hot Pink: This colour is an absolute head turner! It gives the bride a leading-edge and leaves no stones unturned to make her look anything less than fabulous.
  3. Brink Pink: This is a saturated and warm tone of pink! As it is a very strong colour, it’s quite easy to get the spotlight on you! It looks magical on the darker skin tones.
  4. Peach: This is subtle, elegant and obviously very peachy! It’s a perfect shade of pink to pick if you’re planning for a palace wedding in Udaipur, after all this tone is all novel and royal.
  5. Lavender: This amalgamation of red and blue is more inclined towards the latter. This colour has a graceful appeal latched to it! And we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it.
  6. Flamingo: This undertone of pink is winning hearts all over! Perfect for an afternoon wedding, this tone comes with delicacy and exquisiteness spilt all over it!
  7. Lemonade: This pink shade is everything a contemporary bride needs! It adds a zing of modernity and vigour at the same time! So classic.

Choose your own kind of pink shade and slay your wedding like a princess!!

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