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Dubai is the perfect destination to plan a fairytale dream union with endless options such as sun-kissed beaches, grand ballrooms, desert celebrations, and many more. From grand ceremonies to modest affairs, a destination wedding in Dubai ensures every couple the ideal place to celebrate the union of togetherness and love.

We have seen a huge rise in couples planning a destination wedding in Dubai over the past few years. With this in mind, Behind The Scene, a wedding planner in Dubai, has created a helpful guide as a fledgling point for organizing a United Arab Emirates-based destination wedding. Below, Behind The Scene explains the legal marriage criteria in Dubai and offers an overview of wedding settings and venue choices.

Make way for destination weddings in Dubai with numerous wedding venues in Dubai to choose from







Cost of a wedding in Dubai

Dubai isn’t value effective|the most affordable international wedding location: regular weddings cost 8,000–120,000 USD, a practical budget would be between four hundred USD and five hundred USD per guest. The average Emirate wedding prices eighty-two,000 USD, whereas a western wedding is just around twenty,000 USD since destination weddings in Europe and therefore the USA area unit usually a tiny low event attended by no quite 50-200 guests. Indian or Arab UAE weddings persistently area unit attended by a whole bunch if not thousands of guests, however. except for the number of guests, your expenses can modification with the seasons, as well, and can rely on several alternative factors.

Wedding Venues

Behind the Scene will be your next-door partner in finding and finalizing the wedding venue for your dream wedding.

Venue Decor and Setup

We can be the name you can trust upon. We build the best-looking and elegant decor according to your requirements.


Just say the number, we handle the rest. We have partnered with the best accommodation holders around the country.

Entertainment & Artists

With regards to in-wedding entertainment, we ensure you get the best amusement at your disposal. We can hire the best artists and performers.

Venue Decor and Setup

We can give assurance that the selected gifts and pleasantries will be provided and selected according to specifications, to make the wedding memorable.

Photography & Videography

Behind the scene, will do anything to make every moment so memorable and live-like. Our team will give their best to make the wedding look awesome.

Why Dubai?

Credible Climate and Openness – Dubai is additionally helpfully found between three landmasses – Europe, Africa, and Asia. This makes it an effortlessly open area for visitors coming from all over the world. Most European citizens, as well as U.S., Canadian and Australian citizens, don’t require a UAE section visa. For other nations, it’s simple to get a visa within fair a number of days of submitting the application with an aircraft or lodging.

Fabulous Venues – When arranging a goal wedding in Dubai, be arranged to be spoilt for choice with all sorts of wedding setting alternatives at your transfer. Tamarind Worldwide Weddings will assist you to select from a colossal determination of fabulous settings that are beyond any doubt to fulfill nearly anyone’s wishes! For a more loose extravagance wedding setting, one can go with an extravagance shoreline resort or indeed celebrate their pre-marriage ceremony at a private estate on a private shoreline island such as Zaya Nurai Island.

Wide Cluster of Activities – Visitors going to a goal wedding in Dubai can investigate this dynamic and mixed city at the same time! Tamarind Worldwide Weddings would be more than upbeat to orchestrate these exercises for wedding visitors, counting:

  • A leave safari.
  • A visit to Downtown Dubai which incorporates sights such as the famous Burj Khalifa, the moving Dubai Wellspring, and the sprawling Dubai mall
  • Investigating the memorable area and Dubai Gallery has taken after by shopping at conventional Ancient Dubai souks.
  • Investing an evening at the exquisite Dubai Opera.
  • Encountering the monster Dubai Aquarium and Submerged Zoo.
  • Visit Dubai’s various shorelines such as Nightfall Shoreline, Kite Shoreline, and The Shoreline by JBR

Softening Pot of Societies – Domestic to a dissolving pot of nationalities and societies, Dubai can easily suit diverse sorts of weddings and celebrations. This is often why it’s one of the foremost well-known choices for Indian couples to trade pledges. A goal wedding in Dubai would combine the finest of both worlds – the bride and groom’s world as well as the enchanted world of Dubai – to make the foremost uncommon and insinuate wedding encounter.

Save the Date

Dubai has an on-and-slow time of year to have occasions as the late spring months get extremely hot. The ideal time for facilitating a destination wedding in Dubai is among October and May.
Make sure that the dates are saved almost a year before the wedding to provide enough time for individuals to book a holiday and buy their tickets. When sending invites, it is also recommended to include information about the wedding venue in dubai for the gathering.
You and your visitors will require a meeting visa before they travel into the UAE, so let your visitors know to check ahead of time, and on the off chance that they need one, don’t stress, it just requires two or three days for visas to be prepared.


All weddings, in this case destination wedding planner in Dubai, involve a lot of paperwork. One of the parties has to be a citizen in order for a couple to legally marry in Dubai. If one person is a Dubai citizen, then the process of getting married legally depends on what religion and nationality you are. In the UAE, desk work fruition takes a base season of a month. You can require endorsement from your own nations before this, which can likewise require a couple of months to finish. A representative or gift service is the other decision, which is a typical choice for expats just as travelers. Before facilitating the destination wedding in dubai, it is suggested that you wed lawfully. This will make things somewhat less unpleasant for your big day.

Legal Documentation

Some legal paper formalities are required for a destination wedding in Dubai. Dubai is not an exception, if you are getting married in Dubai, they have certain laws and regulations to be followed. They are:

  • At least one of the wedding parties, Bride must have UAE residency to marry in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Non-Muslims may not marry in Dubai court.
  • Marriages of Non-Muslim residence may only happen in the embassy (Church, Temple)
  • The procedure and paperwork for non-Islamic marriages varies depend on their nationalities
  • A wedding couple should furnish a medical certificate in court before their marriage.

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