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Vendor Management For Weddings

Vendor Management as a service from a wedding planner has one main aim: Smooth and Flawless Run-through of the event. This one aim ultimately solves the other major dilemma of the clients to supervise and micro manage everything. This seems even more difficult for a layman since that is not their daily job and also, they have a wedding to enjoy. Seeing our close relatives indulge into work and not getting to experience the wedding entertainment is something nobody of us would want.

Let Us Look At What Vendor Management Includes

Vendor Sourcing

Sleepless nights thinking of how tedious it would be to bring all the agencies together to work or how would you spare time from your busy schedules for researching and reviewing multiple agencies and deciding who among them is the best. And even if all this is done, taking continuous follow ups is such a tiresome task. But with wedding planners at your service, you know whom to happily put all the burden onto.

Negotiation Handling

Are you not the bargain marvel of your group? Or you just feel too embarrassed to ask for a price cut. Or maybe you want negotiations but don’t want the pressure that comes along with. And just maybe you are afraid of poor quality that could be delivered if you indulge into a lot of negotiations. Well, without any further worries and discussions, leave your negotiations to us and rest be assured about finest quality at the most reasonable prices.

Ontime Delivery

Due to the jam-packed schedule of the wedding ceremonies, failures or delays in delivery of any performance or act can leave the guests frustrated and uninterested. Focussing on time schedule and management remains the key areas of any vendor management policies and should be practiced undeniably.

OnGround Management:

We often see vendors struggling with their allocated space, lack of arrangements due to communication gaps, function delays and what not when they arrive on the menu. This comes as a halt to the smooth functioning of the plan since our major highlights of the functions aren’t able to deliver their best and struggle for no reason. Elimination of these unnecessary and uninvited mess becomes the prime responsibility of the wedding planner.

Things Include In Vendor Management Service

  • Reports of every vendor
  • Timely Delivery
  • We ensure prompt logistics and vendor management deliveries
  • Venue and Resource Management
  • Considering Better Selection
  • Maintaing Better Vendor Relationship
  • Establishment of a Vendor Management Team
  • Follow Vendor Management Strategy
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