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While exhibition events run on the same line as of cultural events, there comes an extra factor to be dealt with. There are spectators plus there are sellers. This multi-party involvement comes as an extended check on our checklist. It comes with the responsibility of bringing the most versatile sellers with a unique and reasonable range of products the city has never seen before thereby satiating customer demands. There are lot of efforts that goes in scrutinising vendors, going through their profiles, negotiating with them and making them agree to get onboard.


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  • Once all this is done, event planners next work with the exhibitors on displaying each and every vendor kiosk in such a manner that it seems appealing to the visitors.
  • While the vendors should make sure to bring enough business cards to the venue in order to establish a long-term contact with the customers, we as event planners makes sure that we have the names and contacts of every person attending the exhibition in order to know our target audience.
  • Besides this, there should be planned gifts as per some set criteria like shopping amount, lucky draws. Also, there should be planned gifts for vendors doing the most business from the exhibition in order to motivate and appreciate them. Doing this also helps us know the taste of the audience.
  • Basic utilities like electricity, water, restrooms, tea and refreshments for vendors are strictly looked after and a homely atmosphere is provided.

Besides this, our detailed guide on event planning remains the same. Exhibitions have so many moving factors that there is always a scope of decisions depending upon then situation and are therefore looked after by the team then and there itself.

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