Cultural And Festival Event Planner In India

Best Cultural & Festival Event Planner In India

India is a land of colourful festivals and vivacious cultures. Every nook and corner of this land has its own way of celebrating their heritage that it is almost impossible to jot them all down. What makes it all the way more special is India’s acceptability towards every religion and solidarity to support and celebrate all the cultures even if they do not belong to them or their practices.

Having said that, we now know that there are too many festivals and celebrations running all the time and there must be ways figured out to make them more memorable and organized. Planning cultural and festival events too come with their own set of executionary elements that are must to be followed. And as earlier mentioned, Behind The Scenes have the most sorted out plans in their kitty for your cultural event celebrations.

Cultural events could be of various types such as winter fairs, spring sale, music or art workshops, magic shows, street shows and the list goes on but the checklist followed remains the same.


Our Process Of Planning A Cultural & Festival Event

The basic step towards planning an event is to know it all. Going by the varied list of cultural events, the event information becomes necessary to modify the list of pre-determined checks. Talking generally, the estimated guest capacity and budget could tell a lot about the venue to be chosen, time of the day the event should happen or if it is a multi-day event, the time limit by which the event should end, budgeting extra space in case the venue gets oversubscribed, devising backup plan, making temporary entry and exit gates for a proper flow of the audience in case of trade fairs, creation of seating capacity in case of workshops , adequate safety measures and living tents in case of magic shows and circus; there is a long list that is followed by our team depending upon the type of event that is to be held.

People are our biggest asset and seeing them off with smiles on their face is the biggest achievement for our team. To bring those ear-to- ear smiles, there is some amount of hard work that needs to be undertaken. This includes providing for enough seating capacity at the event site for workshops, adequate space to freely roam around at fairs, organising various activities at the event venue in which crowd can easily participate, ensuring enough food and utility options, distribution of random gifts and coupons, well-ventilated and clean spaces, and adequate safety measures.

Cultural Events and Festive Events are generally initiated after the launch off by a guest of honour who is a famous personality of the region. Since it is about a special guest, the arrangements made for his honour should be special eliminating any loopholes whatsoever.

Legalities relating to a cultural event includes preparation of contracts with individual parties in case of fairs and larger functions, government permits for organisation of large-scale events, insurance coverage, and other local statutory requirements. Abiding by these in advance releases us of any extra stress at the last moment when preparations are at their peak.

A carefully designed invitation is the key to attracting more crowds to our event. Behind The Scene have their in-house designers who knows how to put all the event highlights into one short yet sufficient invitation.

Technical and stage setups are the key drivers of an event because they are the first things that take the front seat after the start of the function. We have heard it since our childhood that the first impression is the last one, and we would surely not want to ruin it with any issues on the technical front. We thereby conduct demo runs through our in-house technicians and ensure the technical and designs soundness of all the event setups.

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