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Kumbhalgarh could be a pristine location settled amidst the Aravalli hills in Rajsamand district close to Udaipur. Kumbhalgarh represents the golden era of made Rajputani history of Rajasthan. The thirty-eight metric linear unit long Kumbhalgarh Fort is among the most important walled complexes of the world. Kumbhalgarh life Sanctuary is an extra perk. If you’ve got invariably wanted for marriage far from the worldly chaos and delightful historic backcloth then Kumbhalgarh is that the right selection for you. Yours seek for a destination wedding planner in Kumbhalgarh is over! Couples seeking a royal wedding venue in Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh, is additionally perfect for them to set up a destination wedding. Palatial Wedding venues in Kumbhalgarh, just like the Aodhi, Ramada, provide your guests with an out-of-the-world experience. Kumbhalgarh holds its historical importance because it the birthplace of the nice emperor Maharana Pratap. For couples seeking a heritage wedding venue, Kumbhalgarh is a perfect Wedding destination for them. A mixture of royalty, luxury, and a marriage celebration, Behind The Scene offers exceptional wedding designing services in Kumbhalgarh. With its historical background and ideal accessibility being nearest to Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh makes another destination wedding selection in Rajasthan, particularly for Indian families. Royal Palaces, recent Mansions, and historical monuments dead fit host the Indian wedding rituals.

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Via Lakhela Resort & Spa

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Cost Of A Wedding In Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh could be a destination whos chosen by several couples for his or her weddings. as a result of their heritage and royal look provide them unforgettable and royalty photos of their love between bride and groom, family, friends, and colleagues. The price of weddings in Kumbhalgarh depends upon the speciality of the venue and services. The average cost of a wedding in Kumbhalgarh is Rs 15 Lakh to 30 Lakh. Also, the cost of weddings affects by the options and facilities mentioned below choose by peoples.

Wedding Venues

Behind the Scene will be your next-door partner in finding and finalizing the wedding venue for your dream wedding.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can be the name you can trust upon. We build the best-looking and elegant decor according to your requirements.


Just say the number, we handle the rest. We have partnered with the best accommodation holders around the country.

Entertainment & Artists

With regards to in-wedding entertainment, we ensure you get the best amusement at your disposal. We can hire the best artists and performers.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can give assurance that the selected gifts and pleasantries will be provided and selected according to specifications, to make the wedding memorable.

Photography & Videography

Behind the scene, will do anything to make every moment so memorable and live-like. Our team will give their best to make the wedding look awesome.

Why Kumbhalgarh?

Kumbhalgarh is a desirable place that’s about to Udaipur and also the Kumbhalgarh Fort is acknowledged because the World Heritage web site by UNESCO within the year 2013 once a committee was held. Lush inexperienced mountains and forts on hills build this place a gorgeous site then royal resorts in Kumbhalgarh offer the best packages to couples who wish noble historic bit in their wedding pictures.

  • Kumbhalgarh destination is a triangle of view called Heritage, Royal, and Mountain.
  • This destination was worth it due to the grandeur and scale of the place.
  • Rest it is a very safe palace
  • Its historical background and perfect accessibility being nearest Cities
  • The place is famous for its humongous Kumbhalgarh Fort which has a 38 Km long wall which after the Great Wall of China is visible from the space
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