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Bikaner Situated in the northern place of Rajasthan, simply east of the border with Pakistan, is the town of Bikaner which is understood for its sixteenth century Junagarh Fort, a large complicated of ornate homes and halls, Karni Mata Temple that is domestic to many white rats and awesome havelis and palaces.

One of the sooner set up towns of Rajasthan, the town is nicknamed as the ‘camel country’ due to world’s excellent driving camels typical in Bikaner. This town is likewise domestic to lovely palaces and background homes which have emerge as the new spot for the vacation spot wedding ceremony in Rajasthan.




Cost Of Wedding In Bikaner

Bikaner could be a destination whos chosen by several couples for his or her weddings. as a result of their heritage and royal look provide them unforgettable and royalty photos of their love between bride and groom, family, friends, and colleagues. the price of weddings in Bikaner depends upon the speciality of the venue and services. the cost of weddings affects by the options and facilities mentioned below choose by peoples.

Wedding Venues

Behind the Scene will be your next-door partner in finding and finalizing the wedding venue for your dream wedding.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can be the name you can trust upon. We build the best-looking and elegant decor according to your requirements.


Just say the number, we handle the rest. We have partnered with the best accommodation holders around the country.

Entertainment & Artists

With regards to in-wedding entertainment, we ensure you get the best amusement at your disposal. We can hire the best artists and performers.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can give assurance that the selected gifts and pleasantries will be provided and selected according to specifications, to make the wedding memorable.

Photography & Videography

Behind the scene, will do anything to make every moment so memorable and live-like. Our team will give their best to make the wedding look awesome.

Why Bikaner?

Plan your wedding off from home, in royal and cosy palaces of Bikaner. Get enthralled in an exceedingly red stone town and in an elaborate way designed marble screens. create a grand entry to your wedding venue over an even-toed ungulate like Rajas and Maharajas. Let a conventional royal convoy escort you to your beau. Take vows within the city of royals in a really noble way.

  • The winters season are pleasant and the temperature drops a good notch for a wedding date
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