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Wedding Venues In Bali

When one thing blue is that the Indian Ocean and something borrowed could be a fragrant flower that’s fallen from close frangipani, who wouldn’t wish their dream wedding in Bali? You won’t notice any stuffy ballrooms or bog-standard table settings here. Instead, Bali’s most lovely wedding venues are all concerning glamourous locations with wow-worthy views,Bali has a number of the foremost charming and splendid wedding chapels associated resorts with breathless views of cliffs, rain-forest, lakes and ocean. Over the years, the island has evidenced that it’s not simply an exotic vacation destination however has the potential to host the most wonderful weddings. In fact, destination weddings in Bali have become a preferred trend, globally.







Cost Of A Wedding In Bali

Whereas a lavish wedding during a luxurious Bali villa with a hundred guests or more, with tonnes of recent flower décor, and a lavish banquet for the reception, multiple recreation options, fireworks, a monstrous cake, a global photographer, a team of videographers, makeup & hair services for the bride and military of bridesmaids and and and … will set you back for the maximum amount as 50.000 USD or more. If you’ve got your wedding during a glitzy five-star edifice and you wish international quality standards in terms of wedding planning, beautiful décor, honourable makeup & hair services, an honest photographer, maybe a video team still and a mouthwatering reception dinner with some recreation equivalent to a band and fire-dancers then you’ll find yourself paying 12.000 USD – 17.000 USD.

Wedding Venues

Behind the Scene will be your next-door partner in finding and finalizing the wedding venue for your dream wedding.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can be the name you can trust upon. We build the best-looking and elegant decor according to your requirements.


Just say the number, we handle the rest. We have partnered with the best accommodation holders around the country.

Entertainment & Artists

With regards to in-wedding entertainment, we ensure you get the best amusement at your disposal. We can hire the best artists and performers.

Venue Decor And Setup

We can give assurance that the selected gifts and pleasantries will be provided and selected according to specifications, to make the wedding memorable.

Photography & Videography

Behind the scene, will do anything to make every moment so memorable and live-like. Our team will give their best to make the wedding look awesome.

Why Bali?

Bali has become such a well-liked destination wedding location for Australian couples. The tropical Indonesian paradise is thought because the land of smiles owing to its friendly hospitable people, and similarly, as lovely beaches, exquisite coral reefs, and picturesque mountains, it also contains a made cultural and humanities scene.

  • Bali incorporates a tropical climate, thus though the temperatures stay fairly steady at around 31°C all year.
  • The south of Bali is mostly the foremost in style space for destination weddings, chiefly owing to the white sandy beaches and also the spectacular views over the Indian Ocean.
  • The beaches within the north and west of the island tend to own black sand
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Legal Documentation

Weddings in Bali are performed underneath Indonesian law, however, your wedding planner or the coordinator at the building you’re obtaining married at ought to be able to fill you in on the finer details. Here are a number of the documents and processes you may realize once you are coming up with your Bali wedding.

  • You will like to get a letter of no impediment from the diplomatic building General in Indonesia
  • You will need to get a replica of your registration from your hotel or accommodation
  • You will need 10 photos of the 2 of you, with the groom standing on the bride’s right side
  • You can give a letter signed by the 2 of you expression that the wedding is predicated on mutual agreement
  • You will need to give notice of your intent to marry to the registrar within the district of your wedding venue 10 operating days before the wedding
  • You will need to provide copies of your passport, birth certificate, and divorce certificate if applicable
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