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Organising concert events is one fun job given the amount of enthusiasm and high spirits it is packed with. Live concert lifts up the vibe of the place like nothing else could and are events that are tremendously looked up for by the concert addicts and youngsters. Meanwhile, on the way to planning a successful concert event, there are some major considerations and management that goes behind, something which can be very well handled by the event management professionals.

The perks of onboarding an event planner are many including crowd management, venue management, local permits, staging, artist selection etc., but the main reason to partner with an event planner is the experience, accountability and stability he brings to the event. All types of events have their own red and green areas, but live concerts somehow come with an extra responsibility of handling many technical set ups and actively moving crowd that needs higher level of precautions.

While there is no science backed procedure on how a concert needs to be organised, Behind The Scenes have devised our own set of checks to determine a hassle-free implementation which we thoroughly follow, leading you to a concert that will be remembered across years.


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Venue-related Measures

When thinking of a concert, the first and foremost step has to be the selection of venue. The venue must be selected keeping in mind the accessibility factor, its should be located as centrally as possible so that it could attract larger crowds. Moreover, the venue should also be selected on the basis of weather at the current time. Any weather extremities would be a big turn down for outdoor venues while larger crowds would be suffocating for indoor venues.
second thing to be prepared about is the required licenses and permits to arrange a concert at the venue. The legalities should be catered to at the earliest so as to not fall under the bad books of local authorities.
The third significant point is the to look out for any time constraints in the vicinity of the area. Also, Concerts are easy to sell out quick during school college breaks and vacations.

Audience Care

The audience ultimately is the deciding factor of whether the concert is a success or a failure and that makes them the highest priority. Ensuring their safety, convenience, ease and satisfaction has to be the final destination. In order to achieve this, Team Behind The Scene religiously check and ensure the venue safety standards, stationing of accountable security officers at different check points, insurance coverage in case of any mishap, arrangement of public facilities like restrooms, water and snacks, if it is a multi-day event like sunburn festival, backup for emergency services like firefighters and ambulance.

Technical Put-Ups

Another must list activity is deploying sound technical setups. Since it is a live concert, the major attention of everyone has to be on the stage and the sound system. Imagine having a concert where the music doesn’t even reach clearly to the crowd and people are left agitated or imagine having a power cut in between a soulful track being played or imagine people sweating all down due to poorly maintained air conditioners or other air sources.
All of the above-mentioned situations are thumbs down and should never happen, we repeat never. The concert should be a paisa-vasool for the audience and we take the full guarantee of eliminating any such failures by our relentless efforts on double checking everything with our technical team, deploying generators and ensuring maintenance keep ups with the venue in charge.

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Ancillary services

Event Décor and Setting

A bit of theme driven setup changes the aura of the place and make the audience feel in the moment and we exactly know how to do it right.

Photography and Videography

Hiring professional photography team can prove beneficial in further advertising in future and could be a good reference for bagging upcoming projects. Plus, the memories from the event are worth capturing, always.

Follow ups and Feedbacks

Knowing your customer response on your work is the most credible way of getting honest review of your arrangements. This in turn helps you to understand audience mindset and work accordingly.

Sponsors and Event Partners

Bringing at play event sponsors could help you build more reliability among crowd since the sponsors bring with them their goodwill and contacts that proves fruitful to the event.

Social Media and allied Marketing

Event Marketing plays a vital role in deciding the fate of the event. In these highly socially influenced times, reaching your target customer is quite easy. Availability of event passes on all social media platforms, advertisements at major public spaces, using traditional marketing tools like local newspapers, e-ticketing, making pass stations at some major schools and colleges can really boost the ticket sales and make your event a blockbuster.

Surprise Gifts

Keeping a surprise element in form of lucky draws or surprise gifts can possibly woo your audience and ultimately drive your event to glory.

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