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1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. repeat 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.., all of us girls have get ourselves moved on this beat at our first dance classes ever, basically the ones in our primary schools when music & dance was a period everybody longed for. There the tutor was our music teacher and now the new or we could say fancy name for him is “choreographer”. Then we entered a new phase called high school and here we are entering an even advanced phase called marriage. The feelings are all the way same, equally overwhelming, equally scary, same number of emotional rides, simply, want to do it but don’t want to do it kind! Well, we went bit too off the track but there can be somebody who can get us grooving on the right tracks with the right amount of verve in our nerves and he is none other than our wedding choreographer.

Dance is the life of Indian weddings, it is like wedding preparations can wait, but dance preparations have to be on point, followed by first practice and then subsequent practices and the final practice at the backstage. You can now understand the craze dance holds in Indian weddings and if it is such an important activity, there is no way you are taking any risk experimenting without a wedding choreographer.

Be it a destination wedding or local wedding, Behind The Scenes have an extensive list of quality wedding choreographers to choose from.

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Why hire a wedding choreographer?

Among the list of various reasons on why hiring a wedding choreographer is a good idea, here are some major ones to list down:

Management and creativity

While we may be born dancers and know a lot about those trending steps, it is somehow not easy to manage when it comes to handling so many guests all elated to perform. We have all been through the phase when relatives get upset in the middle of functions for something that has happened earlier. And with a scope of all that already being edged, there is no point in expanding this scope with more upset dance unprivileged guests. A choreographer is the best person to save us from all this drama by managing people and playing the deciding role in all the performances.

Practices should build Bonds

Dance Practices are a fun way to get closer to each other. The breaks, the bloopers, the coordination efforts are all a way to build your bonds stronger and make memories that will last forever. The bonding then reflects on stage and make the performance a bang on. If we do not opt for a wedding choreographer, all the management, practice and teaching stress come to our shoulders and still at the end of the day it is not truly satisfying.

Multi-Functional Approach

Choreographers are too quick in their approach towards teaching multiple people at the same time. Also, they can help in preparations of other functions like haldi, mehendi and bride – groom entries at the time of pheras, in addition to surprise performances. All of this makes choreographers an ideal choice for wedding dances.

Knowledge of latest trends and playlists

Choreographers know it well that what kind of songs should be allocated to which relatives as per the trends and creates an event which looks much themed and relatable.

Do’s and Don’ts while appointing a Wedding Choreographer

  • Research about the best wedding choreographers and compare the rates and working profiles, dance forms they specialise in, awards, appearances and applauses.
  • Try finalising the choreographer in advance so that there is no problem in getting their dates and time.
  • Make a written agreement with the finalised choreographer on number of team members that will come to practice, no. of performances to be taught, length of songs, payment, advance payments, availability at the time of main function, song mixing etc.
  • Zero down the location at which the practices would be held and any hidden charges if included.

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