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Wedding is an Unforgettable Memory

Every wedding needs exceptionally planned services to turn it into a beautiful actuality. Aiming to deliver a remarkable memory of the beginning of togetherness, Behind The Scene provides bespoke services and facilities with the most skilled and experienced wedding planners. Considering the importance of this event, we completely devote ourselves to ensure that your personality comes shining through. As one of the leading wedding planners in the country with several award-winning projects, we believe in taking care of even the tiniest detail to perfection.

Our Services

Decor & Design

At BTS, we understand the privilege of creating a very memorable marriage. So, we ensure to provide a turn-of-the-century design that will accentuate the bliss of auspicious occasions. We specialize in developing niche and client-specific decor i.e Traditional, Beach, Vintage, Bohemian, Classic, Bollywood, etc.

Photography & Videography

Creating an unforgettable memory requires time and panache to create. As artists, we have the burden of crafting a moment so elegant to make it look as if it was yesterday. We have a team of passionate photographers and videographers who dedicate their best craftsmanship in creating evergreen memories.


Choreography, a time where whether you are young or old wants to break a leg. We ensure everybody in the family gets their special dance routine. Our Choreographers have something for everyone. You cannot resist staying aback, the moves will also make you groove on tunes and want to be a part of that as well

Wedding Fun

At weddings, fun means that not only relishes but also brings together both the families for this special occasion. This one thing can truly bring people together in a fun way. A whole package of fun activities is prepared. Fun activities, prepared are solo, group, interactive, etc.


Anything or everything, it should be no hassle for you. Our logistics team is ready to handle everything. Whether to transfer resources, refreshments, etc, we can efficiently shift resources without any hassle or loss.

Food & Beverage

Any wedding is incomparable without adequate preparation for food and beverages. BTS is ever ready to tackle such situations. We can take care of every sort of situation arising out of catering, We handle only the best and most reputed caterers for the wedding. Our gastronomical creators understand the need and appetites of our clients and prepare dishes before finalizing.

Vendor Management

BTS, holds a reputation in managing vendors across all platforms. We can take care of all kinds of vendors, whether they are related to weddings, parties or any other occasion.


BTS understands the core of our clients who want to keep the tradition alive. We have a very decent and hard-working team who are interested in these. We have a whole catalog of designs for our clients,


We at BTS, tend to dedicate our good time and effort in perfecting every section. Our make-up team, who will perform their duties to visually transform people’s appearance that should compliment our special ones. We deal with all kinds of make-up styles and routines.

Gifts & Invites

Our team at BTS, understands the intention of gifting and presents. The nature of gifts withholds a true sense of care for our loved ones. We discuss what sort of gift should be given and then it is sorted according to guests. Gifts are then distributed among guests as per the schedule.


The hospitality shouldn’t be left behind for fate. It is a section, where hospitality should be treated as a means of pampering guests and dear ones. This should be the epicentre of recreational needs. We make sure, your hospitality should be served with due care and respect


Creating a special occasion does require quite a lot of effort. Rentals can vary from arranging cars, buildings, venues, etc.


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