There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship than a good marriage. Your wedding day is an event you’ll never want to forget. There are so many memories in the making.

No-one knows weddings like we do - we've seen thousands in our time and can let you into a little secret - the best ones are the ones that have been planned to perfection. But we understand that this is a very unique and resembling a dream experience. So, here we've put together some of the most useful planning guides.

Behind the scenes have several ideas for a magical fairytale themed wedding-

Invitation cards Invitation cards are the first thing that captures the attention. Establish the fairytale wedding theme with some gorgeous invitations. This is a great way to set the tone also getting your guests excited for your big day! Wedding invitations are created in the form of an unfolding book to give the guests the experience that they are ‘unfolding a fairy tale booklet’.

Floral decoration When it comes to fairy tale weddings, imagine that the venue is filled with beautiful blooms. For best effect, opt for a pastel color scheme with pale shades of pink and purple and your wedding will look like a fairy tale come to life.

Alluring Jewelry Jewelry can be an amazing way to reflect the theme of your wedding. Add a touch of fairy tale magic to your bridal look with a piece of unique fairy tale Jewelry. Your wedding jewelry is a really important part of your whole wedding day style. Antique and vintage pieces can be an excellent choice. There are so many options in necklaces and bracelets such as classic silvers and gold or even pearls, to perfectly accessorize any wedding dress.

The DRESS Choosing your wedding dress will be one of the most important decisions. The color palette would undoubtedly have bright colors like fuchsia pink, orange, lime green, yellow or deep, rich colors like purple, maroon, emerald green or of course, the traditional red and gold. These are colors which are usually associated with Indian weddings. The collection should be bold, vibrant and stylish yet rooted in tradition. Try to step out of your comfort zone with your dress and wear something that makes you feel your best. Make the most of this opportunity to be the princess at your own ball!

Fairy lights Fairy lights instantly make any venue look completely magical! Fairy lights are guaranteed to transform your wedding. It can be draped from the ceiling or twirled around trees, it looks ravishing and overwhelming.

The CAKE The wedding cake is an amazing opportunity to get creative with your theme. We prefer adding berries and delicate floral details to your cake for a beautiful fairy tale look.

Sparkling background photos These beautiful photographs are a must at fairy tale weddings. Our trained professional photographers create a photo like this using a sparkler and a long exposure shot. We love this stunning way to bring your wedding photos to life.

Post wedding Whether in India or out, an ideal honeymoon destination almost always falls in one of the following categories – a pristine beach, a lush green hill station, snow covered mountains or some other similar exotic locale. Most couples prefer to sit and back and simply relax on their honeymoon and spend some quality time alone. Our team of planners also provides assistance in organizing and managing the post wedding plans to cherish memorable and magic moments.

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