Royal Wedding like a King & Queen

Best Royal Weddings Places

Behind The Scene welcomes you to venture into royal residences and lofty hotels around the globe that have facilitated Indian weddings for celebrated families whose preferences are no not exactly those of eminence with their propensity for excitement, extravagance, and class. Look at our rundown of imperial scenes that ensure a sumptuous fantasy setting and cause a couple really to feel like a sovereign and princess, ruler and sovereign.







Why we are special with you and many people choose us

  • Beautifully appointed reception room.
  • Personal wedding coordinator to be had an all-wedding day and for on-website online rehearsals
  • Floor duration white linens with white overlay and white napkins
  • Six surpassed hor’s d’ oeuvres and two gourmet shows
  • Cocktail servers at some point of cocktail hour in addition to the full carrier bar
  • Champagne toast

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