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Destination Of Beach Wedding

Wedding is one event that each couple wants to celebrate within the most special way possible and thereupon in mind, majority of the couples are today, heading for destination weddings. While it’s still a sort of evolving concept as far as wedding tourism in India cares , it’s gaining tons of recognition due to hell lot of advantages it offers to the hosts. Firstly, in most of the cases everything, starting right from decorations and catering to logistics and transportation, is well-taken care of by the professional and experienced wedding planners that provides a hassle free time to couples and their parents in order that they can also have a fun time along side other guests. Secondly, the exotic locales of islands, beaches and ancient forts & palaces leaves the couples with lifetime memories; imagine a marriage album, straight out of a travel magazine that you simply and your partner will enjoy forever.


If you've loved beaches and imagined living by one or if you want to fill your wedding with the soothing and inspiring Boho beach vibes, a destination wedding in Goa is the thing for you!


Kerala is the most popular destination place. this is home to many unspoiled beaches and pristine sands. The beauty of this place makes it the perfect destination for wedding.

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  • Arrangements for location selection
  • Availability of Rentals
  • Planning and Allotment of Logistics
  • Arrangements for F&B, Resources, and Other Wedding Requirements
  • Maintenance and Arrangements of Bride-Groom Essentials
  • Expert Handling of Procurement and Accommodations
  • Ensuring expert handling of Photo and Videography
  • Leveraging Venue and Resources Management
  • Arranging family events, corporate events for weddings

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