How much does a beach wedding in Goa cost

Cost of Beach Wedding in Goa

It won’t be much surprising to know that almost 500 couples put ‘Destination Wedding in Goa’ in their search bar every month! After all, a beach wedding in Goa amidst the tranquil sea breeze and solecistic wave crashing sound is on everyone’s wish list! And we suppose, you're one of them too! Just like everyone, you too would want someone to bracket out your dreamy Goa wedding budget so you can further proceed with your idea! Don’t worry, we got your back!

So let's begin!

Assuming that you're planning your destination wedding in Goa with a guest count of 100, here is how much every nuptial department may cost you.

1. Food And Accommodation

Since North Goa beckons more tourists and mainstream activities, it is the South Goa with the cleaner beaches and beautiful beach resorts that lures couples for hosting a destination wedding. Several exotic resorts namely Taj Exotica, Leela, Hyatt, Zuri etc. are located right at the beach side and are rated as 5* or 5* deluxe can totally account for your 45-50% of your total budget. Other 3* venues which are just a walking distance from the beach may also serve your purpose of making your wedding day memorable. If you're planning a 2 night 3-day event including: Accommodation: Double occupancy 50 rooms Meals: including breakfast It may round off to anything in between 13,000 INR to 20,000 INR per person giving you a ballpark figure of 13 Lacs to 20 Lacs. Please note that venue may also charge you between 75,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR per event depending upon where would you like to organize your event ie banquet halls or beaches or lawns. *All the above-mentioned prices are excluding taxes and beverages.

2. Other Arrangements For Your Dreamy Destination Wedding


Keeping a bracket of 7 lacs - 14 lacs seems to suffice which would cover all your flower décor, mandap setup, center table arrangements and décor, schematic lighting etc. You can further more add to your pocket depending upon how elegant and adorned look you're aspiring for. It is advisable to communicate your ideas with your destination wedding planner in Goa first. Trending idea is to plan Event in Goa.


Some jazzy music and a comforting backdrop is a must to elevate your themed wedding. Considering a budget of 3-5 Lacs for a 2-day program seems appropriate if you’re looking forward to hiring an outside DJ and some Goan artists for a special performance. You can also think about inviting a celebrity if your destination wedding planner in Goa is able to fit everything in your bucket.

MakeUp Artists

It’s one of the most prior requirements of the bride and keeping 60,000 INR - 1,00,000 INR for the cause just seems right on the button.

Wedding Photography And Cinematography

Strictly speaking, we want you to pay some extra attention to this topic! Please make sure that you hire a professional photographer rather than a field novice. After all, you're about to make some of the finest memories of your life and it's mandatory that they are captured well.


Various other nuances such as wedding cake, fireworks, aisle, props, henna artists may also add up to your overall budget. Therefore keeping aside 2-3 Lacs for them seems appropriate.

However, this is a rough estimate of your overall cost which is falling under the range of 20 Lacs - 30 Lacs, there may be other requirements by the guests or your destination wedding planner in Goa which could influence the budget.

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